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Hi everyone, first time poster, long time lurker.

I have a 2008 Off Road edition with the Rockford Fostgate stereo. I got the spiral cable replaced at the dealership about 6 months ago due to the airbag light being on. Recently, the hands free phone button seems to be stuck as it continuously tells me to "Say a command" and beeps. The dealership who did the work is across the country otherwise I would take it back to them.

I never use the hands free phone, and would love to use the radio again. Right now I just have the fuse pulled on the whole radio because it is constantly beeping and drives me insane. I'm wondering how you guys would go about getting it to stop? Would pulling the radio and snipping the wires related to the phone be an option? I have looked at the wiring diagram and had a hard time determining which ones were related to the phone. Wondering if anybody has some insight before I start chopping.

Thanks in advance
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