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GPAX - The Shocker Run #8 - 03/07/2015

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The 8th annual Shocker Run is coming back this March and creating a resurgence for GPAX as 2015 begins. March 7, 2015 GPAX will once again invade a cold and unforgiving Rausch Creek Off-Road Park and hit the icy, rocks and dirt of the 3,000 off-road acres. More details and sponsors will be released over the following weeks.

The event will end with a top class raffle featuring GPAX's amazing sponsors and some amazing raffle prizes.

Don't miss GPAX's best event of the year and the largest winter wheeling event on the east coast for Nissans off-roaders.

  • When: March 7th, 2015

  • Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm

  • Lodging:
  • Twin Grove KOA - 1445 Suedberg Road, Pine Grove, PA 17963. (717) 865-4602
  • Comfort Inn Pine Grove - Pine Grove, PA 433 Suedeberg Road Pine Grove, PA 17963 Comfort Inn Pine Grove

  • Dinner: O'Neals Pub - 112 South Tulpehocken Street Pine Grove, PA 17963 - (570) 915-6093

  • Raffle: R.C. Pavilion after the trail groups finish. General Raffle Tickets are $3 for 1, $5 for 2, and $10 for 4. Specialty Raffle Tickets are $10 each.







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Rausch Creek Trail Passes

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Shocker # 8 Trail Groups


  • MdPhoenix
  • Farley
  • yotaX
  • MikeO
  • MidNightBlue

  • mrb412
  • ManwithBeard
  • Marshall9779
  • Darkness250

  • RebelGD
  • Satcon
  • Walker
  • Neigh

  • TomsRedX
  • Nate
  • TJ
  • Thor
  • Darkness250
  • sleeper00

  • BCRProp
  • Redv6
  • Low Brau
  • Lopez
  • Kerr
  • Dukes


  • XterraMike
  • Crashdan
  • fubar1217
  • thecoalition
  • PerpetualDynamism
  • Kevin

  • Lizardking
  • D’Rock
  • Rooney
  • Ducatidom
  • RekHavok
  • Primer
  • Beckywoo

Blue & Black

  • XterraPA
  • Offroad Gorilla
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Those not willing to accept that anything and everything can happen during a Shocker Run may end up disappointed and overwhelmed.
Still wish I had not taken my group down into the valley, but hindsight is 20/20. Even with being stuck half the day I would rather be wheelin' with good people than most anything else.
El Presidente was right there with ya.
The hotel ends up being cheaper than a cabin in Twin Grove and allow dogs. In the winter time, the hotel wins for me!
How's your dog do in the hotel?
Never had mine in one yet and curious what all you need to do to make it work well.
We bring them with us wheeling. They never alone in the hotel room too long except when we go to O'neals or elsewhere to drink.
I'm in for Blues.
Jerry is back!
YAY for FUBAR and that Phoenix guy!

Pulling that jeep out was interesting. I had to get pulled out of the same mud hole by mister XterraPA. Please do not attempt to go through.:violent1:
That hole is deep, thick, and nasty! Stay away!
With a little over 3 weeks to this event we have over 30 trucks signed up and that list is growing almost every day. Sponsor announcements are also going to be released leading up to this 8th annual event.
What makes you the b*tch truck?
We just landed a new sponsor for GPAX! Welcome to Offroad Gorilla! Check out their products at!

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Rausch Creek has signed on again to offer some free trail passes for this year's raffle!

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Rausch Creek Trail Conditions Update!

I just spoke with Lynn from Rausch Creek about the current conditions of the trails and what we believe they will like on March 7th. The trails are snow covered with packed snow underneath and ice underneath that. We are expecting more snow today and the obvious chance for more snow in the next couple weeks

I will be requesting all trails groups stay off of the Western and North Eastern Properties. Anyone venturing onto those properties will do so at their own risk and neither GPAX nor Rausch Creek will assume responsibility for you.

I do not want to get into a potentially dangerous and time consuming situation like last year. Please abide by this request to assure a fun day on the trails. Thank you!


El Presidente
Is there a reg fee? We getting group assignments?
Outside of Rausch Creek's membership and daily fees, this is a free event. Trail Groups will be set this weekend.
In the past we have charged registration fees for our Ridin' Dirty Runs because we provided food and made donations for our volunteer trail leaders.
Welcome back Quadratec as an annual GPAX sponsor! They will be donating a winch to this year's raffle!

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Welcome back PowerTank has a GPAX sponsor! Another awesome PowerTank system will be up for grabs at the raffle!

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Trail Groups are up in Post # 3!
Anyone else who is not able to make it please post up. We need to know to make the morning trail groupings go smooth.
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