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GPAX ~ February 25, 2012 ~ Shocker Run #5

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Once a year, you must scrape the ice off your windshield, layer your feet in multiple pairs of socks, crack a Red Bull at 6am, and throw caution to the winter wheeling winds. That time has traditional come to be known as the GPAX SHOCKER RUN. And, this year, we are celebrating Cinco years and embracing our neighbors in the south with a winter run in the north!

Cinco de Shocker (That's right, # 5!)
What: GPAX - Shocker Run Quattro
When: February 25, 2012 @ 8am Sharp
Where: Rausch Creek Off-Road Park Tremont, PA
How: The daily entrance fee is $35.00 for the vehicle and driver. Passengers age 16 and up are $7.00 each (When a passenger joins the park, the $5.00 fee is waived that day). We offer free primitive camping for our members.

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Cinco De Shocker - Raffle Prizes

Powertank Raffle
- Tickets will be $5 each, and the winner walks with an entire Powertank setup in his/her hands!

General Raffle

  • ARB Gift Certificates

  • 2 - Nisstec Gift Certificates


  • 2 PRG U-Bolt Flip Kits

  • PRG Variable Height Shackles

  • Powertank Gift Certificate

  • Code 3 Synthetics - Amsoil

  • Quadratec - ARB Recovery Gear

  • PIAA 510 Xtreme White Fog Lamp Kit

  • 1 - 15% Off Gift Certificate to Rugged Rocks Off-Road
  • 2 - 25% Off Gift Certificate to Rugged Rocks Off-Road

  • K&N Air Filters

FireStik Antennas:
3 - FiresStik Tunable Antennas (2 Bare Hands Adjustable, 1 Cut Adjustable)

  • Street Side Auto - Gift Certificates

  • 2 Nissan Online Parts - $25 Gift Certificates
  • Genuine Nissan Wrist Watch

  • D-Ring Shackles Set

  • Staun Tire Deflators

  • Four-Wheeler's Bible (2nd Edition)

  • Smittybilt Recovery Strap

  • Smittybilt Tree Saver Strap

  • Smittybilt Recovery Tool

  • Xoskel Bumper Mouth Bracket (Lights not included)

  • Basic Recovery Strap
  • 2 Super Siphons

  • Hi-Lift Off-Road Base
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The List:

Green Groups:
*Hoagie27 - Trail Leader - 1

  • *Glenn (Tacoma)
  • *Fisherman John
  • *JC55X
  • *Xguy4life*
  • *LIXterra
*crashdan - Tail Gunner - 1

*MdPhoenix - Trail Leader - 2

  • *marshall9779
  • *mtnbiker49
  • *stevho
  • *GuerillaXT
  • *GuerillaXT's Friend
*Wolvie - Tail Gunner - 2

Blue-Green (Teal) Groups: 3
*Suckafish -Trail Leader - 1

  • *SnickerDoodle
  • *maguyvermedic
  • *Xtour09
  • *Blain
  • *Darkness250 (Frontier)
  • *fubar1217
*motorcop - Tail Gunner - 1

SquibleeArmorX - Trail Leader - 2

  • *ducatidom (Frontier)
  • *tim13con
  • *mdphotos
  • *lizardking
  • *lizardking's Friend, Dave (FJ)
*etymotic - Tail Gunner - 2

*Ron (JK) - Trail Leader - 3

  • *ripcurl2151
  • *jamyers77 (Frontier)
  • *Yellow07s's Friend (FJ)
  • *Yellow07s's Friend (Tundra)
  • *XterraGuy
*Yellow07s - Tail Gunner - 3

*Turf -Trail Leader - 4 "Disco Group"

  • *jtveen - Disco 2
  • *samnt650 - Disco 3
  • *dschramm - Disco 4
  • *Sam223081 - Disco 5
  • *Matt223081 - Disco 6

Blue Groups: 1
*Rook - Trail Leader

  • *Chris924
  • *echo_nine
  • *NUKEhead
  • *Reggie221
  • *CISO1969
  • *BlondeXgirl
  • *YotaX
*Tighthams - Tail Gunner

Blue-Black Groups: 1
*XterraPA - Trail Leader

  • *Bklyn-X
  • *TomsRedX
  • *Svendog

Attendee List:

  1. Rook
  2. TomsRedx
  3. JC55x
  4. tighthams
  5. mtnbiker49
  6. macguyvermedic
  7. Bklyn.X
  8. XTour09
  9. Suckafish
  10. Hoagie27
  11. Reggie221
  12. Mdphoenix
  13. etymotic
  14. XterraPA
  15. crashdan
  16. Fisherman John
  17. lizardking
  18. Motorcop75
  19. SnickerDoodle
  20. Yellow07s
  21. SquibleeArmorx
  22. Chris924
  23. Blainnnnn!!!
  24. Darkness250
  25. Riehle (Riding Shotgun)
  26. echo_nine
  27. TJTJ
  28. Svendog
  29. Xguy4life*
  30. stevho
  31. ducatidom
  32. NUKEhead
  33. LIXterra
  34. jamyers77
  35. marshall9779
  36. Turf (Disco # 1)
  37. jtveen (Disco # 2)
  38. samnt650 (Disco # 3)
  39. dschramm (Disco # 4)
  40. Matt13537472 (Disco # 5)
  41. Sam223081 (Disco # 6)
  42. timcon13
  43. fubar1217
  44. YotaX (4 Runner)
  45. Yellow07s' Friend, Ron (JK Jeep)
  46. Yellow07s' Friend (FJ)
  47. Yellow07s' Friend (Tundra)
  48. Wolvie (Cherokee)
  49. Glenn (Tacoma)
  50. mdphotos
  51. GuerillaXT
  52. GuerillaXT's Friend DJ (Wrangler)
  53. lizardking's Friend Dave (FJ)
  54. ripcurl2151
  55. CISO1969
  56. XterraGuy

Maybe Attending:


If you have any comments, concerns, or requests please feel free to PM me. :drink:

-Bryan N.
GPAX Event Coordinator
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This is the preliminary logo for this year's Cinco de Shocker.

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The 5th slash is backwards.

Did I mention I'm in baiyshes! One of my favorite runs, can't friggin wait!
Lemme know if you need anything El Prez
Posted via Mobile Device
Backwards? I didn't know it was supposed to face one way or the other. Is it?
I'm stoked and can't wait!
Not sure where im staying yet, probably days in. Anybody know off hand if they are still pet friendly?
Posted via Mobile Device
Yes, the Days Inn off of Rt. 81 IS pet friendly.
I can't go! Rrr...another manager already requested that week off.
Come on, Dave! Switch with him! This is The Shocker Run! The 5th and biggest year yet!
El Presidente is proud to announce that there will be a grand raffle for this event held in the brand new indoor R.C. Pavilion and GPAX will be raffling off a brand new and complete Powertank® system!
"Pavilion"? Where is it at Rausch? Picture?
Posted via Mobile Device
Yes, Tom, it is at Rausch. It is the brand new, huge building behind and to the right of the office, next to the comp course.
I just reserved my cabin at the KOA for Friday & Saturday night, the 24th & 25th.
So, should I bring cupcakes for everyone?
Since Rook is the Event Coordinator, he can rent the moon bounce.
The 2nd post was updated with the raffle prizes, including this!

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That will be the vinyl decal minus the event info at the bottom. It will not be as unnecessarily large as it was last year. It will be much smaller. I was embarrassed at my snafu last year.
All GPAX merchandise, including the Breast Cancer Ribbon Decals, t-shirts, stickers, and memberships will be available at Cinco De Shocker!
The newest raffle prize is a set of Staun - Tire Deflators!

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New Raffle Prizes Keep Getting Added! Here is the newest additions!

  • Four-Wheeler's Bible (2nd Edition)

  • Smittybilt Recover Strap (30,000lb)

  • Smittybilt Tree Saver Strap (8,000lb)

  • Smittybilt Recovery Tool
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i got a jeep buddy that might be interested in coming to the shocker run. unless that is frowned upon
He is welcome. All makes and models are welcome, as long as they have trail ready vehicles.
How did this event come to be known as "Shocker Run?" :dontknow:
The original creators, myself, Mark, Creek, and XVTer, may have been less than mature when we named this now infamous event. Although, I am not sure if we have gained any maturity since then?
still room for one more?? what do i need to do to sign up? I don't think that I have anything going on that weekend. I WANT IN!

probably stick with hoogies group since my x has to make it there and back to erie in 1 piece.

PS anyone got room for me to stay? or recommendations?
Yes, there is room for 100 more! You better get your *ss there! I recommend you stay at the Twin Grove - KOA Campground in Pine Grove, PA. Or, the Comfort Inn off of Rt. 81. They are best places to stay, but the campground fire is where the fun is!
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