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Well I'm halfway there, the timing chain has been fixed! I can't believe how loud the whining actually was before. It soo quiet now and you can actually hear the throaty growl from the motor and it sounds great! I love it! Its probably just me, but it also seems like it revs a little easier and doesn't hang on to the revs as much when you let off the gas. While it was in, it got a coolant flush, brake fluid flush & bleed, and a new serp belt.

I think I found a good shop too. The owner I dealt with was awesome and hooked me up on my portion of the extra work I did have him do. It was the first Nissan 4.0 they've done a timing chain on and he first said that he'd rather refer me to the dealer so it could get done quickly. I asked him what his hesitation was and he said that he just wanted to take his time, being his first one. I told him I didn't want to really mess with the dealer, so I would be patient and would give him up to 5 days since it's just a back-up weekender vehicle anyways.

For my patience, he didn't charge me mark-up on my parts, waived the diagnostic on both the t-chain repair and looking over the suspension real well. Super nice guys that run the shop. He even showed me the old parts, one of the shoes was just about gone, and the other one was just a little over 50% there. He showed me how rough the inside of the chain was and assured me the new chain was the new part referenced in the TSB and the inside of the chain seemed to be a little smoother.

On top of all that, I told him that I was getting the hookup from someone on the forum (the awesome MR. Scott, who I need to call later today) and told him I was going to swap the parts out and he was like "that's great!" and he offered to align it at a discount, and when he did he would double check everything after I install it to make sure its good and tight.

He did give the X a good once over though and said everything else seems good and it drives great. I can't express how grateful I am for how well this all is working out, and how much you guys helped!

Thanks again! Now I just want to get the suspension done, and he should be as good as gold!
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