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Username: gorillamel
Year: 2005
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: S
Color: Avalanche
Mileage: More than yours. Currently at ~167,000+ and going strong!

Xterra Interceptor Edition (Oct 2012) :p

Link to pics of my wheeling adventures in Idaho: HERE.

-Rear Bilstein 5100 series shocks
-PRG shackles set on highest setting
-Front: Sway-a-Way 2.5" coilover (c/o MadMike)
-Total Chaos UCAs (c/o davidshourd)
-measures ~38" all around
-self-made front sway bar endlinks

-285/75/16 General Grabbers (Red letter turned around) on stealthed stock wheels

Electrical, Powertrain & Driveline
-Alpine CDA-9883 stereo
-Bluesea fuse distribution block 12 circuit (#5026)
-Deka Intimidator 9A34 battery 785cca
-moved trailer plug-in to under custom bumper
-XTP Intake Manifold Spacer
-K&N drop-in air filter (in stock box)
-Midland 1001LWX CB
-Billet battery clamp (c/o Eternal_Sir)
-OTRATTW switches

-NX Rocks Fuel Tank Skid (c/o X_TERRA05) painted lime green
-NX Rocks Tranny skid (c/o Creek) -->p/u in Moab (Thanks, Jeremy!)
-Hefty sliders
-Ballistic Fab Rear Diff cover (c/o Sleeper00) painted lime green
-Custom Rear Tire Carrier
-Custom Rad Skid
-Custom front tube bumper (Stage 1 complete. Stage 2 = fender protection)

-Xoskel lo pro light bar
-(2) Hella 550 driving lights
-(2) Hella 550 fog lights
-kayak carrier
-Southco locking handle for wetbox
-Bottle opener mounted to rear bumper
-grab handles on roof rack bars
-Stealthed (and some OD green touches):
  • Front grille w/ OD green Nissan badge --> replaced by Zombie Outbreak badge c/o Killswitch
  • Rear & front wheels w/ lime green Nissan badges
  • Rear bumper steps area (steps OD)
  • Hood
  • Windshield cowl
-Nissan Murano 14" rear windshield wiper blade
-RIGID LED dually floods for fogs

-replaced rear hatch struts w/ 175lb force ones (Part #9416K147)
-"open rear hatch from inside" mod
-Window screens
-Quickfist mounted billy club on rear hatch
-Allweather OEM floor mats (front/rear) c/o Riehle
-Honorable mention: replaced front seat belts 2x and rear seat belts are non-existent (care of my former furry 4-legged buddy)

Other Accoutrements
-Mini snow shovel
-Mud shovel w/ bedlined handle -> mounted on roof rack
-Fire extinguisher
-Mag-lite flashlight
-NATO gas Jerrycan
-Bone Collector seat cover (yep, I'm a burgeoning redneck)
-SOGfari Survival set (machete, knife, hatchet, shovel/pick)
-48" Allcast Hi-Lift -> mounted with bedlined: Bauart Cell clamps
-Yellow galoshes
-various other survival necessities
-Plano Sportsman Trunk to store all the abovelisted crap

-step rails
-splash guards
-Curtain airbags c/o stupid pitch/yaw crappy system from Nissan & NOT from a collision (grrrrr)
-Rear sway bar
-front tow hook --> victim of Moab
-Firestik II tunable tip antenna -->trail victim in Boise NF

Coming soon...
- Complete skid set (engine, T-case)
- replace windshield
- Rear Diff bypass mod
- winch w/ synth line
- Rear back up lights/bar
- custom roof rack
- K/N oil CAI

Someday Wish List
- ARB rear locker
- swapped axles w/ better gear ratio (pref 4.10s)
- Alcans
- tire adapters for Hi-Lift
- ViAir compressor mounted under rear hatch area
- Magnaflow exhaust
- better stereo (one that actually works)
- ARB refrigerator
- custom side rear bumper steps with ladder
- replace steering pump (rack & pinon when it goes out)

Nov 2009: Fun times at Warm Lake (before the modding bug hit) left

Xterra represent! (Feb 2012). I volunteer at the State Capitol. And thus took a pretty pic. (May 2011)

Caribou 4WD Trail, CO (Sept 2011)

New sliders- already broken in :pirate: (from Storm Mtn Trail, CO) Sept 2011

Wheeling w/ local X's in Colorado @Kingston Peak (video of some of it here) Sept 2011

custom rear bumper w/ gas cans and tire mount (Top of the World, Moab, UT) May 2012

Skid Plate (pic c/o GlamisDuneStar @Top of the World trail, Moab, UT) May 2012
Video of this 3-wheeling moment:

What it looked like before they all climbed on...

The cause of trail damage at Moab- sheared off my front tow hook here (Seven Mile Rim Trail) May 2012
-->Proof of the strength of custom bumper, it can support 3 fully grown men! (silver crack @Seven Mile Rim, Moab, UT) May 2012
Video of me entering/having fun on the Crack (c/o tighthams):

Allday Fab diff cover (high centered on Hell's Revenge, Moab, UT) May 2012

Attempting the harder line on obstacle on Fins n Things (c/o sexy6chick) May 2012

Video going down Whale's Tail on Tiptoe through Hell, Moab, UT:

New custom bumper Stage 1 (can only afford this much so far. Stage 2 will include fender protection) @Winnemucca Mtn, NV (07.2012)

The rest of the bumper (almost done, needs paint and tabs for Rigids) (01.2013)

Taking a break and making use of a bedlined hood. :) (@Tiddy Springs trail, Silver City area, ID)

Poser shot near Jarbridge, ID/NV (06.2012)

Front suspension (09.2012)

Stickers! (01.2013)

My X & I (@Celebration Park, ID) (01.2013)

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Thanks. It's not much, but it's been through a lot at 140,000mi already. Someday I hope to make it solely into a fun-machine.

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Oh heck yeah, I've beat mine a stock rig for the most part. Have not have too many issues with it, yet *fingers crossed it stays that way*

Right now my biggest problem is my sagging suspension. It needs an uplift from old age and hard useage.

Your rig looks great. I am quite jealous of it!

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Looks like adventure on wheels, you have double the mileage we have on our 2005. I am jealous of those miles, believe it or not.

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I think my springs sagged right after I bought the rig.
did the Deaver AAL and that lasted for a couple of years.
My advice is that when you can afford it go with the Alcoan or Deaver leaf packs.
The AAL will hold you over if you want to save for the Alcans. (around 580$ shipped)


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Bump for a fellow 05 SE. Nice truck. I wanna see what the Hella lights look like on that lopro bar.

Why did you get rid of the SE wheels?

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She has the wrong trim down. Thats an S. I made the same mistake back when we first bought the thing. I was asked in another forum what trim level we had and I had no idea.
Yelled to my wife and she replied SE.
I got schooled soon after when the trim did not match the photos.

If I did have an SE the wheels would have to go.

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Help an SE guy understand: Why aren't you a fan?
Dont want to threadjack this thread too much here, but in short: just personal opinion. Some people like the color yellow, I like forest green. Some people think Fergie's hot. I think she's ugly. Some people like the number 7, I like the #13. Theres no rhyme or reason, just my personal opinion based upon what I find aesthetically pleasing. Although the fact that 16" wheels offer a larger and less expensive variety of tires helps. But I digress...

Sweet rig Mel!

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Haha, no problem. I've actually had quite a bit of confusion regarding what trim it is. I bought it used and the dealership told me it was an OR. I told them they were full of s**t. And guessed after that.

Thanks for the clarification. :) I bought it when I was living in DC and felt like I was the only one there who owned an X (wish I disc this website earlier). I'd drive around downtown DC covered in mud with my kayak on top and got all kinds of strange looks from people.
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