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goneMOAB 2011!!!!!! May 22-27, 2011

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Answers to some very common questions we get.

When is goneMOAB?
Sunday May 22nd through the Friday May 27th, 2011.

Do I have to register?
Registration is REQUIRED? We need this information for Our Permits & other documents we are required to have filed out. Every person must have a ticket purchased.

What IS included in your goneMOAB registration fee?
1) Organized Trail Rides - Accommodating all skill levels Mild to WILD.
2) Sand Flats Recreation Area Access for trail Runs in that area
3) Friday Night BBQ & Raffle from goneMOAB and its Sponsors
4) Awards Ceremonies/Slide Shows
5) 2 of the 2011 goneMOAB Stickers
6) Full Color goneMOAB Event Guide
7) Swag Bag Full of Sponsor Goodies
8) Event Poster

What's NOT included in your registration?
1) Lodging
2) Breakfasts
3) Lunches
4) Dinners except the Raffle Night BBQ
5) T Shirts & Extra Stickers

How Old do I need to be to attend?
All DRIVERS must be 18 Minimum... NO EXCEPTIONS WHAT SO EVER. If there is any doubt to your age ID will be requested. If you are not able to produce and ID you will be asked to leave & not permitted on the trails. Passengers can be of any age.

When is the cutoff date for registratoin?
About 2 weeks prior to the goneMOAB event online sales will end.

Can I add guests after I register?
Yep not a problem...go back in and purchase more tickets online.

Can I change my trails after I register?
It can be done (space permitting) just send us an PM/Email and we will get things worked out. But try to make changes sooner rather than last minute.

Can I buy shirts and stickers later after I register?
Shirts can be purchased later if you choose but they are pre-order only!! Sales will end about the last week of April due to printing schedules.
Stickers can be purchased later as well. We may have extras at the event to sell but no guarantee.

Do I need to have a 4x4?
YES!! There are NO 4x2 friendly trails on the schedule this year.

Do I need to have a licensed vehicle?
All Vehicles MUST be licensed in their State/Country. W/insurance & a licensed driver.

Can I only come for a few Days?
You bet cha... not everyone can get a week off. Pick your days and come out for a grand time!!

Do I have to do the Obstacles?
Many Many obstacles have by-passes on the Green & Blue Trails, no driver is ever required to do an optional obstacle (Red Trails have very few bypasses if any). If you have a particular trail you are concerned about post up about it in our forums.

What amount of money should one bring or set aside? Not including the known expenses, lodging/food/fuel.
Well first there are the raffle tickets (good prizes this year), it's pretty much guaranteed that you will forget something like a good hat, Beer costs more in UT (if you drink).
If you have everything you need beforehand you can do the whole trip(no food/gas ect) for less that $50, but it would be smart to have some money in your account just in you need to replace something on the truck.

Raffle... what is at the Raffle?
Through out the week we sell Raffle Tickets for $10 each, our sponsors donate prizes and the winning tickets get the sponsor prizes. Prizes range from recovery gear, gift certificates, roof racks, set of tires, shocks it depends on which sponsors we get and what they send.

Drawing for the Raffle is the last night of goneMOAB at the Condo BBQ in Rim Village.

Can someone give me a sense for what a typical day is like? For example what time do the events typically start, and generally when are we done?
Most trails start 8 to 9am... Pending no issues on the trail most days are done 3 to 5pm. The length of the days vary, but there is usually time to walk around town, sight see, eat, BS with other attendees, and other stuff after each run.

What time and where do we meet in the mornings for each trail?
At the Meet-n-Greet you will be given a trail guide. In it you will find a bunch of useful info including meting times and places for each trail run. If you are not able to make it to the Meet-n-Greet then e-mail me and I will let you know where/when to meet. I will also make sure you get your guide book at the first trail you run. This guide will also be available in the next couple weeks in a PDF version on the goneMOAB site for early review... probably End of March.

What is a basic or minimum "kit" to bring along on the trails? How often do breaks really happen
Well depends on how hard you wheel, if you tend to break stuff elsewhere in the country bring those parts. Steering parts are normally what we see break if your heavy on the throttle. Normally 2-4 trucks will break throughout the week.

Do I get my own spotter throughout the event?
Spotters we have a Trail Leader (spots the front end) and then depending on the size of the group we may have spotters scattered through the line to keep it moving along. The Tail Gunner at the very end is responsible to get whoever may break back up and off the trail and they typically have lots of duct tape, wire, a few parts (hopefully whoever breaks has parts as well) and my portable welder or their own.

What if I need a spot when no one else is getting a spotter?
If someone is brand new to wheeling they go right behind the Leader/Spotter and then more experienced people further back. Usually the spotters are only needed for the bigger obstacles and of course optional lines, but if anyone ever needs em for ANY reason we tell em to holler to the spotter on the CB.

Some Great Links of interest:
Web Site -
Forums -
Facebook - - Become a FAN!!!!

2011 Sponsors as of Feruary
Automotive Customizers -
Rugged Rocks -
The Xterra -
Master Pull -
Xoskel -
Boulder Nissan -
Funtreks -
CW Synthetics -
All American IT Solutions -
Magnum Ink -
Zodi Outback Gear -
GOPro Cameras -
Nissan Sport Magazine -
Ronin Wheelers -
JP Mobile Auto Care

It's definately a trip to make. Yes, it can look very intimidating but it really isn't. Have a look at the schedule.

The GREEN are EASY runs areas that are targeted at a stock and lightly modified 4wd Xterra, Frontier, Pathfinder or Patrol. The idea behind this track is to allow first timers to the trails of Moab to ease into things without getting too crazy right from the start. As on all trails body damage is possible, but not likely. The trail leaders will take things a little slower than normal to make sure everyone enjoys themselves.

The BLUE are MODERATE runs that are targeted at a 4wd Xterra, Frontier, Pathfinder or Patrol with some modifications and sliders will be a nice plus. The folks who go on these runs should be confident in their driving skills. More will be expected from the attendees on these runs and they will move at a faster rate than the green runs.
Some of these trails will have some optional obstacles if folks want to put their rig to the test.

The RED are DIFFICULT runs that are targeted at a 4wd Xterra, Frontier, Pathfinder or Patrol with some suspension modifications and maybe sliders. The folks who go on these runs should have been on Moab trails before or be experienced 4 wheelers. More will be expected from the attendees on these runs and they will move at a faster rate than the blue runs.
There are also many optional obstacles on these trails for the built up rigs or those that want to try it.

The BLACK are EXTREME!!!! These trails are minimum lockers required for the rig and 35″ tires…. and go in expecting to break something or have someone in the group break something and body damage could certainly happen.
There are also many obstacles on these trails and almost all of the do NOT have bypasses.

If you have a look here CLICK ME, CLICK ME You can view the discriptions for each trail. You will also notice in the descriptions above there is "Suggested" equipment and "Minimum" equipment.

Suggested is just that. Things that will give you piece of mind and generally help, but not needed to be on that trail.

Minimum equipment means your rig has to have at least the mods listed to join the trail. Without them the trail leader will advise you to chose another trail, or ride along with someone.

Checkl out the goneMOAB Website. If you have any questions post em up of feel free to contact Kevin (Alpinespirit) and or myself.

Hope this helps you make the desition to join us, and I look forward to meeting you.
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I'm 98% in at this point. The wife's down with it (though she said she's happy to send me on my way so she can have peace and quiet around the house) but I'm trying to get a promotion here at work. It's possible, but not probable, that it could hose things up.

Especially important since I hit the 10th ECXC, so hitting the 10th GONE would just provide some nice symmetry.
Happy to send you on your way.... you have a golden ticket!!! :D
Yep - really the only thing that could get in my way is the job or some unforeseen emergency, but the latter is true for everyone.
Yeah - I want my lift, too, but that might have to wait. I'm really trying to figure out if I go with the PRG basic lift or the advanced one. It's roughly a $1,400 difference between the two, though, with both likely requiring the shims, cam bolts, and an alignment. (an extra $300 for all of that).

I think I'll end up with the basic one and then sell it when I get ready to actually put on the bumpers.
I know you guys usually come up with trail groupings based on your experience, but I found this rating system. Is this what the numbers afterward each trail name symbolize?
That's what I figured - I'll be going on what you guys rate them for Xs, just wanted to get a bit of an idea of how they classify things.

I'm just hoping I can get my lift on by then. Full skids, sliders, 33s, and a 2" lift would be nice.
Rook - just wait until I'm there blasting some SexyBack for you.
Bryan - it's looking very damned good for me, too. Just waiting to hear about the potential promotion prior to booking anything. Everything's lined up but that right now.
Trust me, I'm looking forward to it. Very much. Even my wife is giving me a bit of shiat about it as she'll see me reading up on trails, checking out campsites, etc.
I was just looking in the trails forum section and noted that each one calls out requirements for trails, so there's good info there.

Since I'm going to have sliders, full skids (fina-damn-ly), probably a 2" lift, and 33s, I'm thinking blue is the best I'll do. But even then I'm definitely reading the description of each trail. - Better info for this year. We will be changing writeups in the forums.

Also much better trail descriptions, pictures & Videos here
From the sounds of the trail ratings, with or without the lift I'm maxed out at a 6. I've got 33s, a locker, sliders, and skids are actually in production. The lift should be ordered and installed by then, so I'd have that, too.

What's weird in looking at the chart you've got up there is that Hell's Revenge is a blue on the website but a red up there.

One of the things that I want to be very cognizant of is that I'm not holding up the group due to either inexperience or lack of equipment on the vehicle. I want to be challenged, but not so much that I've got 20 people staring at me and thinking, "jackass didn't read the trail ratings...". Not that I won't get called a jackass - but I'd rather let that happen when I'm blasting Justin Timberlake and shaking my ass.
Hells Revenge is really border line now.... with the old exit it was definitely rated a 6 with the new exit in 2010 it is border line red but definitely a 5 since you do not need a locker. It is more of red due to pucker factor than equipment requirements.
Interesting - just trying to get a feel here: based on the set up I listed would it sound like a 6 is my limit? Mind you, I've got some level of experience in that I've done ECXC which tends to be a bit boulderish. I'm definitely not experienced in terms of what you guys that live out there are, but I'm not a complete n00b either. I do have a hitch on the back so I've got rear recovery and the front tow hook, no armored bumpers.

It's also a 6spd, which I've determined makes it a bit harder to climb boulders.

You do that Im gonna get it all on video..... :cheers::geek:

Ask Suckafish and Blaine about this. Or the pipes in the morning. I'm not the get drunk and run around with my pants on my head type, but goofy is definitely happening wherever I'm at.
It's nuttin like RC Ron. My advice. Get some 10mil plastic , triple it up, and then put a nice absorbent towel on top of it to sit on. Baby wipes are optional but'll come in handy. And if you play that bagpipe music the buzzards will congregate thinking there's some easy pickings on a almost dead pilgrim.
Assuming that there'll be tuaca (and I will NOT be participating in that nonsense as I've got my own poison), I'm pretty sure the buzzards will have plenty of food available. My pipes in the morning will be like ringing the dinner bell.

I agree with the 6 rating for yourself. You should be fine. :iconbiggrin:
Sweet - that gives me the perfect guidance for when I do register and the trails I want to do.
That's definitely part of what I'm looking forward to seeing/doing. Seeing if it's possible that the trails can pucker me up hard enough that I won't drop a deuce the entire time I'm out there.
Looking at trails now...

Just one more reason that I love my wife. When I told her early registration was open and it'd save me $5, her response was, "you better get on that so you don't have to pay the extra money!"

How sweet is that?
Here's what I'm thinking of right now:

  • Monday - Seven Mile Rim: It's a 4 so this should be a good trail to get me into the swing of things here. I could see upgrading, but why not start easy and then go from there?
  • Tuesday - Fins and Things: From watching the time lapse video of this (way cool) it looks to be a fun ride and as a 5, it gets me closer to the edge of my capabilities and probable experience.
  • Wednesday - Hell's Revenge: Another 5, looks way cool. Might be the hardest of the trails I'll do and should really test my skills and capabilities without holding up the rest of the drivers.
  • Thursday - Elephant Hill: Staying with the 5's. I'm looking at this one based on Oregon X's recommendation and it because it's a 5. It'll be easier than HR (from the descriptions) but apparently has very cool
  • Friday - Poison Spider Mesa: Going out with a bang on another difficult trail.
I could see subbing in Kane's Creek on Tuesday and then doing Fins on Friday if folks think that PSM would be too much - but from what I plan on having on the X* prior Gone I should be capable up to a 6 (which is odd because Kane gets classified as a 6, but it's blue whereas PSM and HR are 5s that are red).

Pretty sure this should make for a fun and challenging trip. Any of the experienced types think this wouldn't work?

*Remy's sliders and a full set of skids will be on, 2" lift will be on. 33 BFG AT KOs, and a locking rear. Stock bumpers front and back, but I do have the tow hitch so I've got front and rear recovery.
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I'm okay with the hitch getting scraped up - I'm eventually going to replace it with a real bumper. I'll watch the video tonight if I can as that might prevent me from that. As it stands, I've not signed up yet and KC was an alternate.
You've got no sense of adventure.

Goofing aside, here's my dilemma with that. If I take it off, I'm exposing the bumper to the same carnage. If it's bad enough to take the hitch off (which is 2" down and 2" out), then it'd trash my bumper.
Our hitch got banged up a bit, the plate with the plug connection is all smashed and our bumper took a big hit from underneath. Very easy to get hung up with the hitch.
I've recessed the plug into the bumper itself, so it's not exposed.
I'd love to have an aftermarket bumper by then, but my order of priorities is:

-2" basic lift
-front bumper
-rear bumper
-upgrade lift kit to the advanced lift (new shocks/springs in the front, new springs in the rear, new UCAs, etc)

I'm saving the real suspension part until last just due to the costs involved and the wheeling I normally do. I'm figuring that by the time I'm carrying NX Rocks skids, sliders, and front and rear bumpers, I'll be dragging ass and need to update it. I'm also pretty sure I can get a decent chunk of my money back for the spacers and shackles. The shims, ubolts, and alignment are all normal parts that I'd need one way or the other so I don't lose anything there.
You guys and your magic photoshop.

I can tell by the pixels and such like.
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