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GoneMoab 2007

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I know it is early, but those of us on the East Coast that might want to attend need to start planning now.

Who all has a desire to attend?

Personally I am trying to convince the wife to do a 2.5 week trip out west at the end of May next year. Included would be 3 days at GoneMoab. My only concern is my son will only be ~16 months.
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WOW. Hard to believe so few here interested in one of the greatest things you can do on this planet in your XTERRA, with other NISSAN owners, in one of (if not THE) coolest places. I know a lot of you here despise the XOC, and maybe you think this is an XOC event, but it's not. You're really cheating yourselves, and the NISSAN/XTERRA community by not trying to attend an event like this.. I have no vested interest in this, I just like to meet good drivers and have the camraderie.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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