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GoneMoab 2007

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I know it is early, but those of us on the East Coast that might want to attend need to start planning now.

Who all has a desire to attend?

Personally I am trying to convince the wife to do a 2.5 week trip out west at the end of May next year. Included would be 3 days at GoneMoab. My only concern is my son will only be ~16 months.
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I am going and hope to finally meet some of you there! The wife and I are going to be spending time on the North Rim of the GC, Zion, Bryce, etc. before we get to Moab (we LOVE long road trips). I am not going to be able to do too much wheeling while there due to the X won't have any armor, but will certainly enjoy what I can and meeting and watching others thrash their vehicles. Until my wife finishes her PhD, money for mods is at a premium right now.
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