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GLX Xtoberfest Thread

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Great Lakes Xterras

Would like to invite you to:


When: Oct 20-21
Where: Badlands ORP located in Attica, Indiana

What to Expect: Mostly dirt trails and mud. But there are some challenging rock climbs and sand. Basically there is something there for everyone to do.



Camping; There is a campground located in front of the Badlands that we stay at. Although there are hotels located in town. The only bad thing is that you might miss out on some of the shinanigans.

Some pics from last year:

There will be a swap meet and a Cook-out on Saturday. As well as a Raffle for prizes.

We will have some excellent prizes up for Raffle!!

Here is the link to the Badlands ORP for any other questions you might have:

And a couple videos"
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Good thinking!
Obviously I will be there!
You didn't include the epic GLX pict!

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Yea but it's been gutted and spread a cross IL!
I'll lead on the trails that I can ride my dirt bike!!
If I'm riding shotgun I'll be a designated ground guide.
So for food on sat night. What does everyone want to do?
1.Everyone contribute to a big dinner
2.everyone just bring extra food to share
3.just bring food for yourself
Sh!t I was hoping no one would find out :-(

C'mon, it doesn't change things. I'll promise to play nice!
Wait a min. How do you explain this pict then Ryan!!
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^That would be nice!
If I'm riding shotgun I can trail lead with who ever I'm riding with.
Hey Ron. The trails there that we do are mostly easy to hard green. Some of the hard greens can get sketchy. They just aren't IFS friendly. I got hung up in a very sketchy spot once and was very close to rolling.

And that was considered a green.
Maybe Ryan will be interested on exploring some harder trails?
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Not many rocks at badlands. You can have a good bit of fun and push your luck in the quarry.
I'll take people on the TREC track as long as I don't get ran over if I fall!!
Yea. Electricity would be good. Someone should bring some work lights Incase we got to do some night time repairs. That was a pain pulling apart my diff at night using flashlights!! I'm still amazed we didn't loose a single part!
I like the stock rear add on recovery points but a hitch is where it's at! Ive only used mine with a trailer a cple times but it's a great rear recovery and doubles as a rear slider. It saves your rear bumper and exhaust tip from gettin smashed. It does get in the way with your departure angle but I have never gotten hung up and stuck because of it.
Or we could just as easily join one of there events!
Well I guess I will go ahead and introduce the
SHACKLE of SHAME!!!!!!!!

One of you guys may be the lucky recipient of this!
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Maybe something like that. I think I'm just gonna let it be a surprise at the end of the day!
The winner will have to display the SHACKLE of SHAME!!!!!
on their vehicle for at least a day or next wheeling event until it can be past on the the next recipient!!!
^no. There's a bunch of hoops to jump through with that. So fawk it. Unless u know a easy way?
The funds that we collect from this will go to wounded warriors and most likely go to GLX T-shirts!! And other cool sh!t
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