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Hey all, let's get more activity going in this forum! It'd be great to see what we posted more about our Xterras and tried to meet up with each other when possible. Introduce your rigs in this thread and reach out to each other with advice, insight, and support! Cheers:eek:ccasion5:

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Project Superior

I've had this X for about four years now (40,000mi-105,000mi). I used to push it past its limits on the trails a couple times but through thick and thin, this beast has never let me down! All the way until about 95,000 miles, I was running the Rough Country leveling kit with stock size all-terrains... but not anymore While I was working in Wyoming for the summer, I finally acquired all necessary parts to titan swap! Threw on some 33" Toyo A/T's along with the Titan Swap..

2014 Nissan Xterra S 4x4
105,000 miles

I’ll list all current modifications below:

305/70/16 Toyo Open Country A/T II

Front suspension:
--sway bars
++Radflo 2.0” Titan Swap Coilovers w/ 600lb Eibach springs
++SPC Titan Upper Control Arms
++Stock Titan Lower Control Arms
++Rugged Rocks Extended Axles
++Extended stainless steel brake lines

Rear Supension:
++1.5” Spidertrax wheel spacers
++1.5” lift shackles
++Bilstein 5100 Shocks

**Bedlined the front bumper
++Habitat Offroad Rear D-Ring Recovery Point
++roof basket

This is an ongoing build, but new modifications don’t happen frequently because I’m in college right now

Who wants to join me on the trails sometime??


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