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Thanks to Mindie for the professional editing! Here it is!

4X4 How to link:


A Arm - Triangular-shaped suspension component with two pivot points connected to the truck's frame and the spindle.

ABS - Anti-lock Braking System.

AC - Automotive Customizers.

AAL - Add-A-Leaf. Extra spring that is added to the rear leaf pack.

After Cat System - An aftermarket exhaust system that attaches to the outlet side of the catalytic converter and would normally include new hi-flow mufflers and oversized tubing.

Air Box - The box that holds the air filter and directs clean air flow to the intake. Aftermarket units (Volant, Fram Air Hog, K&N) claim to increase HP and air flow.

Air Dam - Fancy panel that runs along front bottom designed to direct air flow. If you are at, you don't have one unless it says Shrockworks, and then we call it a front skid plate.

Air Down - To lower the air pressure in your tires when offroading. Increases traction and smooths out the ride over rough terrain. Start with removing two-thirds of highway driving air pressure. You must air back up before resuming highway driving or your vehicle will be very unstable. Have on-board air.

Air Fuel Mixture - The ratio of air to gasoline that enters the combustion chamber. Perfect is 14.7:1. May be altered using an air box, throttle body spacer, or by resetting on-board computers/chips.

All Wheel Drive - A system which drives all 4 wheels but lacks a multi-range transfer case.

Analog Gauge - A gauge that displays its reading with a dial and needle indicator such as the speedometer or RPM gauge.

Anodize - Colored or clear oxide coating applied to an aluminum component using an electrical charge. Adds in durability and appearance.

Anti Sway Bar - Suspension component that prevents excessive side-to-side body sway. Sway bar/stabilizer bar. Should only be removed for offroading to increase articulation. Normally only the rear is removed. Driving at highway speeds without a sway bar can make your X flip over like a Ford SUV during an emergency maneuver. Take the chance? Use a quick connect when available.

Approach Angle - The maximum incline angle that a truck can climb or descend without hitting its front bumper/skid.

ARB - (1) Air Resources Board. (2) Manufacturer of bull bars, air lockers, compressors, and other offroading accessories.

Aspiration - An engine's breathings system. See also: Air Box.

Axle Hop - When a vehicle's axle housing rotates opposite the direction of the tires under acceleration and then snaps back to its original position relative to the chassis. To avoid, reduce acceleration slightly. Syn: Axle Wrap.

Axle Housing - Exterior non-rotating case that contains the axle shafts, differential, and gears that drive the wheels.

Axle Wrap - A condition where the rotational load from an axle is placed on the leaf spring. Springs are forced into an "S" shape storing energy until the tires slip.


Back Pressure - Resistance to the free flow of exhaust.

Backspacing - The distance between a wheel's outer inboard edge and its mounting flange. (Boy have we had problems with wheels here!)

Baffle - (1) Plates, panels, or barriers inside a muffler that reduce sound. (2) A condition resulting from a mysterious vehicle vibration.

Balance Tube - Short laterally-placed pipe connecting the exhaust pipes in a dual exhaust configuration. Used to equalize pressure between the two pipes. May add horsepower and torque if positioned properly.

Ball Joint - A flexible joint consisting of a ball used in a socket. Mainly used in front suspension components because it can accommodate a wide range of angles. Think of your hip. Not to be smoked.

BDC - Bottom Dead Center. (1)The lowest point of a piston's travel within the cylinder. (2) The lowest centered point in a measurement.

Bead - (1) The inner lip of tire that attaches to the wheel. (2) Bead Weld. Part of a Shrockworks bumper, slider, skid plate, or diff cover that is welded and finished so smoothly it is hardly noticed.

Bead Lock - A two-part system consisting of a ring or inner locking mechanizing that keeps the bead of the tire from breaking free from the rim while aired down and offroading.

Beater - (1) A truck that looks like shit but might be mechanically sound to go offroading. (2) A truck that moments ago was nice, before it rolled.

Beefed Up - A 4x4 that has been modified to be stronger than stock.

Belt Line - Body line that runs from front to back and separates rocker from side panels, windows, or roof line. A lot of people change the color below the bottom belt line.

Bezel - A trim ring that surrounds head lamps or gauges.

Bicycle - To ride on both left or right wheels only. (Warning: Wear Depends if you attempt this move.)

Bell Housing - (1) Manual transmissions: Bell-shaped enclosure that covers the clutch and flywheel. (2) Automatic transmissions: The flex plate and torque converter.

Billet - A part machined from a single piece of metal (not a casting).

Bleed - (1) To remove air in a brake system or water system. (2) What hands do when replacing a heater core or winching carelessly.

Blip - A quick touch of the throttle to momentarily rev an engine.

Blower - (1) Supercharger. (2) Motor that blows air in heating or cooling interior. (3) Cheap chick.

Blown Engine - (1) A supercharged engine. (2) A seriously damaged engine, (3) Engine that encountered a cheap chick.

Blow the Doors Off - To defeat a competitor during a speed contest.

Blueprint - To rebuild to OEM specs, machining and checking the weight, size, and fit of each component against a factory blueprint.

Body Roll - The tendency of the body and chassis to lean when cornering or when on step inclines. Use Timbren bump stops to reduce.

Bog - (1) To run an engine below its intended ideal operating range. (2) Mud hole.

Bogger - (1) Type of tire. (2) Vehicle built for mud. (3) Person who mud races.

Boiling the Balonies - Spinning your tires.

Bolt-on - Aftermarket product that fits without major modifications and uses existing holes.

Bone Yard - (1) Junk yard for expired vehicles before they are recycled. (2) Part of garage where perfectly good parts that you have removed from your Xterra are stored, so that you may restore it to original form someday and sell it to some sucker as "Cherry."

Boost - The increase in intake pressure above atmospheric pressure supercharged or turbocharging. Measured in PSI.

Bore - Increasing the diameter of a cylinder to increase the size of piston it will take.

Bottom End - (1) The crankshaft, rods, and main bearings of the engine. (2) Power at low engine speed. (3) Lowest point of reference. (4) Thing you use in an outhouse while sitting.

Bottom Out - When a trucks suspension is fully compressed and its bump stops won't allow any further compression.

Boxed Frame - A frame that has 4 sides rather than 3. Stronger frame.

Brake Fade - (1) A loss of braking power due to overheated brake fluid, brake pads, or rotors. To avoid this issue, change fluid as specified, and maintain brakes and rotors. (2) Point at which you would yell "Oh! Shit! " going downhill.

Broach - To pierce or open. Sometimes refers to a splined cut on a gear or flange.

Bulletproof - An allegedly indestructible truck, component, or plan.

Bump - (1) A horizontal obstacle. (2) To briefly touch the gas pedal. (3) To back off an obstacle then hit it again with more momentum. (4) To reintroduce a thread at Bump!

Bump Steer - A situation in which the steering jerks when a truck encounters a bump in the road or trail. Normally caused by improper steering geometry.

Burnout - To spin your tires.

Butt Scratcher - A part of the trail that scrapes the rear end of vehicles that do not have clearance. Cure: Install Shrockworks rear bumper for more clearance.


Cam - (1) An eccentric device that converts rotating motion to reciprocating movement. (2) Camshaft.

Camber - The tilt of the front tires toward or away from the center of the truck relative to vertical. When the top of the tire leans out, the camber is positive; if the top of the tire leans inward, the camber is negative.

Cam Duration - Amount of time, expressed in degrees of crankshaft rotation, that the cam holds an intake or exhaust valve open.

Cam Lift - Distance, expressed in thousandths of an inch, at which a cam opens the valves.

Candlepower - Brightness rating. There is no common method to determine candlepower, so what is the point? Them Wal-Mart lights may be as bright as the KCs!

Engine, with filter..........5.4 quarts[1]
Cooling System, Initial Fill..........11.0 quarts
Automatic Transmission, Total Fill
5 speed RE5R05A..........11.0 quarts
Manual Transmission, 2WD..........8.4 pints
Manual Transmission, 4WD..........8.7 pints
Differential, Front..........1.9 pints
Differential, C200 Rear..........3.4 pints
Differential, M226 Rear..........4.2 pints
Transfer Case,..........4.2 pints
1. After refill check oil level.
Oil Drain Plug.....25 ft-lbs
Transfer case
Fill Plug.....26 ft-lbs Drain Plug.....26 ft-lbs
Manual Transmission Fill Plug.....25 ft-lbs Drain Plug.....25 ft-lbs

2005 NISSAN/DATSUN XTERRA 4.0L 6-cyl Engine Code VQ40DE
Oil Filter........ EAO13 AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter
Oil Filter........ 51356 WIX 51356 Oil Filter (O)
Oil Vapor Filter........ N/R
Air Filter........ EAA104 AMSOIL Ea Air Filter & others
Air Filter........ 46213 WIX 46213 Air Filter (O) & others
Fuel Filter........ N/S
Trans Filter........ N/A
Cabin Filter........ 24856 WIX 24856 Cabin Air Filter (0) & others
All submodels:
Plug........ NA
All submodels:
Driver side........ B40924 BOSCH MICRO EDGE WIPER BLADE
Passenger side........ B40918 BOSCH MICRO EDGE WIPER BLADE
Engine Oil
Grade 1......API*
Series 2000 Synthetic 0W-30 Motor Oil & others
SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil & others
SAE 5W-30 XL Synthetic Motor Oil & others
Series 3000 Synthetic 5W-30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil & others
Above 0°F......10W-30, 10W-40
All Temps......5W-30[1]
Manual Transmission,.....GL-4
Synthetic Manual Transmission and Transaxle Gear Lube 75W-90
Automatic Transmission.....SLF[2]
Differential, Front R180A.....GL-5
Severe Gear 75W-90
SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube
SAE 80W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube
Differential, Rear C200.....GL-5
Severe Gear 75W-90
SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube
Differential, Rear M226.....GL-5
Severe Gear 75W-140
SAE 80W-140 Synthetic Gear Lube
Transfer Case,.....AF3[3]
Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid
Torque-Driveâ„¢ Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATD)
Power Steering Fluid.....AF3
Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid
Torque-Driveâ„¢ Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATD)
Brake Fluid.....HB
Clutch Fluid.....HB

1. SAE 5W-30 is preferred.
2. Use Genuine NISSAN Matic J TRANS fluid.
3. Continental USA & Alaska use Nissan Matic D. CAN use
Nissan ATF. DEXRON-III/MERCON may be used as alternative.

Caster - The fore or aft tilt of the steering axis relative to vertical. Got lift? Lifting can create too much negative caster which causes wandering. Like you need that to make you appear drunk?

Catalytic Converter - PITA emissions control device that routes exhaust gases through an oval-shaped canister filled with palladium and platinum pellets. Converts toxic gases to water vapor, carbon dioxide, and less toxic gases. Syn: Cat. Not yet available for asses.

CB - Citizens' Band radio. A two-way radio used between trucks on the trail.

Center Disconnect - A four wheel drive system that engages the front axles inside rather than outside on the hubs.

Center of Gravity - The theoretical center of mass in a vehicle that can dramatically change due to passenger load, location, or cargo.

Chassis - Lower structure of a vehicle where the body and running gear are attached.

Cherry - Clean. In unusually fine shape.

CFM - Cubic Feet per Minute. Generally used to measure airflow through a port or intake.

Chain Drive - A system in which a chain is used to drive gears rather than the gears meshing together directly.

Chick Deflector - Repulsively ugly-ass vehicle such as an FJ. Ant: Chick magnet, Xterra.

Chicken Handle - Inside securely mounted handle for passengers to grasp when they freak out and are about to shit themselves. Sometimes used by a driver who knows he went too far, such as not making it up that hill and having to back down. Syn: Oh Shit Handle.

Chip - (1) A computer's microprocessor. (2) A nick in the paint.

Chirp the Tires - To shift quickly, allowing tires to momentarily lose traction and spin resulting in a chirping noise.

Chunk - (1) Slang for the ring and pinion gear assembly inside a differential housing. (2) When when parts eject from their functional location.

Coil Over - A suspension that uses shocks with an integral coil surrounding the shock body.

Collector - Device that collects exhaust gases from the exhaust manifold's primary tubes and routes them into a single exhaust pipe.

Combustion Chamber - Cavity above the cylinders within the cylinder heads where combustion takes place.

Compression Ratio - The ratio of cylinder volume with the piston at BDC to the volume remaining in the cylinder when the piston reaches TDC. The greater the difference, the higher the compression ratio.

Control Arm - Main link between the truck frame and the wheels. Acts as a hinge to allow the wheels to go up and down independently of the chassis.

Contact Patch - Portion of a tire that comes in contact with the surface it travels over.

Crank - (1) To turn the steering wheel left or right as told when spotted; "Crank it." (2) To start the engine.

Crankshaft - Engine part with large U-shaped shafts that are connected to the pistons and connecting rods. Transforms reciprocal motion into a rotational motion which powers the drive train. Syn: Crank.

Crawl Ratio - The lowest gear in the truck, found by multiplying the first gear ratio of the transmission (tranny) by the low gear ratio of the transfer case by the axle gear ratio. Don't check on this; I am right.

Curb Weight - Total weight of the truck with the fuel tank full, the engine oil full to proper level, and the cooling system and other fluid levels at spec, but without payload or passengers.

CV Joint - Constant Velocity joint. Two U-joints in tandem or a rzeppa joint which allows for increased angularity of drive line components of front drive shafts and axles.

Cylinder head - The part of the engine that contains the valve train and the combustion chambers. Covers the tops of the pistons and cylinders.


Degreeing a Cam - Using a dial indicator and a degree wheel to verify that a cam's lift and duration is accurate.

Departure angle - The maximum angle a truck can descend before hitting the rear bumper or other components (hitch, tailpipe) located behind the rear wheels. A Shrockworks rear bumper can cure this woe.

Detroit Locker - A popular brand of automatic locker for differentials.

Dial-in - (1) Set up a trucks chassis, drive train, stereo, or other system to obtain maximum performance. (2) To set up a mechanical component for trouble free operation.

Diff Guard - Metal plate that protects the differential from impact damage.

Diff Lock - A component that makes both wheels on an axle spin, regardless of the traction each wheel is obtaining.

Direct Ignition System - Ignition system that has no distributor. Ignition is sent directly from the multiple modulators (coils to the spark plugs).

Directional Tire - Tire with an asymmetrical tread that is designed to produce superior traction when rotating in one direction only. ("Directional" is stamped on sidewall.)

Double Line - A type of winch rigging that runs the cable to an anchor point and back to the vehicle, thereby doubling the pulling power.

Drag Link - Steering link that connects the pitman arm to the steering arm.

Droop - Any downward suspension travel.

Drop the Hammer - To quickly press all the way down on the accelerator. Syn: Floor it.

Dropped Pitman Arm - An offset arm that lessens the angle between the steering box and drag link. This is a concern when you lift a vehicle.

Dyno - Abbreviation for Dynamometer, a machine used to measure engine torque at the flywheel (engine dyno) or the chassis (chassis dyno).


ECU - Electronic Control Unit. A computer unit for engine management.

EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection. Computer-controlled fuel delivery system.

EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation. An emissions-controlled device the reintroduces burned exhaust gases to an engine's combustion chamber.

Electronic Ignition - Ignitions system that uses transistorized circuits instead of breaker points.

E.O. Number - Executive Order number. The number assigned to a part by the California Air Resources Board when it is deemed illegal for use in California on emissions-controlled vehicles.

Exhaust Back Pressure - Resistance of the free flow of exhaust gases through an exhaust system.

Exhaust Headers - Performance exhaust manifold built from equal length steel tubes that is designed to speed the flow of exhaust gasses exiting the cylinder heads.

Exhaust Manifold - Tubular component that routes exhaust gases from the cylinders to the exhaust system.


Fairlead - A guide installed into a winch mount to help direct the cable. There are two styles: Roller, which uses steel rollers, and a hawse, which features a simple bracket with large radiused edges for the cable to ride against. Use the hawse with rope style line.

Fan Clutch - Thermostatically controlled device that engages or disengages a mechanical radiator cooling fan according to the engine's needs. An X has both. If you hear the electric fan running, it's time to clean your radiator of the mud you went through.

Flat Spot - A momentary decline in engine power at some point within the powerband.

Forced Induction - Turbocharged or Supercharged! Interested? Search Stillen. Available for our X if you have an extra $5K around!

Free Wheeling - When the front hubs are unlocked and the wheels spin from momentum rather than power.

Fuel Injector - Electromechanical device that squirts fuel into the engine. (That tick you hear, we hope.)

Full Floater - An axle assembly designed to hold the weight of the vehicle on the axle housing instead of on the axle shafts. Has bearings at both the differential and wheel ends.


Gas Shock - Damper shock absorber with two separate compartments: one containing hydraulic fluid, and one containing nitrogen gas. The gas keeps pressure on a flexible, in some cases, movable separating disc that keeps pressure on the fluid, thereby reducing the fluid's tendency to foam when driving like you do offroad. Aggressively.

G Force - Measurement of force generated during cornering, acceleration, or deceleration, expressed in units of gravity.

Glass Packs - Tubular-style muffler that uses fiberglass packing to absorb sound.

Gnarly - A difficult portion of the trail that may or may not make you nervous.

Granny Gear - An extremely low gear in a transmission/transaxle.

Grenade - Catastrophic failure of an expensive part.

Greenhouse - The upper portion of a vehicle's body, above the belt line, including the roof, windows, and pillars. Stuff you will most likely trash if you roll it. Don't go there!

Gumbo - Deep sticky mud like found in Ohio.

Gun It - To deliberately rev an engine.

GVWR - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. The combined weight of the vehicle and its rated cargo capacity. See the inside driver door, and watch the tires!


Halogen Light - High output headlight or driving light that has halogen gas inside the bulb. When surrounded by the gas, a bulbs tungsten filament can carry a higher current thus producing a more brilliant white light to blind drivers coming in opposite direction at night.

Hammered - (1) When a truck is thoroughly destroyed. (2) Condition you may find yourself in around the campfire after a great day of offroading.

Handle - The nickname you use on the CB. Often the same as your online screenname. Sometimes an earned name given to you by others, such as The Yellow Submarine! (Did you get that?)

H.E.I. - High Energy Ignition. GM stuff.

Helicoil - Stripped thread repair system. Consists of a small coil spring insert that will thread into place on damaged female screw threads. Syn: Timecerts.

High Centered - When a truck is firmly stuck, usually with its frame caught on an obstacle and unable to move under its own power.

High Pinion - Refers to an axle design where the pinion is positioned above the axle centerline. Syn: Reverse Rotation.

Hi-Po - High performance.

Hole Shot - Beating a competitor at the start of a race. Coming off a dead stop quicker; coming out of the hole quicker.

Hook Up - (1) To gain traction with your wheels. (2) To do what you do with a nice date.

Hub - Wheel mounting surface.

Huffer - A belt drive supercharger.

Hydraulic'd - Past tense only. Said of an engine that has been submerged in water, has sucked water into its cylinders through the intake, and will no longer rotate because the pistons moving up the cylinders cannot compress the water.


IFS - Independent Front Suspension. A type of suspension system that allows the two tires on one axle housing to move separately from one another. Your X has this up front. Rides better than a solid axle.

Intake Ports - Passages within a cylinder head that route air and fuel to the intake valves.


Juicebox - Slang for an automatic transmission.


Kick Down - Quick downshift on an automatic transmission when you give the engine full throttle.

Kicker Shocks - Shocks mounted in a near horizontal position between the axle housing and the leaf springs. Valved with a high rate of damping and are intended to reduce axle wrap.

Kick Up - Section of the frame that is curved up to clear an axle housing.


Ladder Bars - Longitudinal suspension control arms that connect the axle frame, preventing axle wind up and hop.

Lash - Amount of clearance between a valve and a rocker arm or between a rocker arm and lifter or push rod.

Lateral Link - Tubular suspension rod that positions the axle housing so that side to side movement is minimized during cornering.

LED - Light Emitting Diode. A small semiconductor that lights up when current is passed through it. Used on some dash displays and taillights. Things Dragonplay plays with on weekends.

Lift Block - A spacer between the axle assembly and the springs to lift a truck inexpensively. These are only safe on rear axle assemblies.

Lifted - Any vehicle that is raised by either a suspension or body lift.

Lifter - A part between the camshaft and push rod on an OHV engine.

Light It Off - Start the engine.

Limited Slip Differential - Final drive system where the two axle shafts are mechanically connected with a series of clutch-like plates to prevent wheel spin on slippery surfaces and to ensure that the engine's power is transferred equally between the two wheels. Syn: LSD.

Line - A selected path that gives the driver the best route to climb over an obstacle or through a pathway that an FJ would not clear. Choosing the right path is essential to successful offroading.

Locked In - To have manual front hubs engaged in the lock position. (Not an X problem.)

Locker - A device in either the front or rear differential that sends engine power to both wheels regardless of traction.

Lockers Front and Rear - One of the most common Jeep owner fibs.

Loctite - A product used on fasteners to maintain torque.

Long Block - Engine assembly consisting of a cylinder block, crankshaft, camshaft, bearings, pistons and rings, connecting rods, oil pump, oil pan, timing cover, seals, cylinder heads, and an intake manifold. And maybe some other crap, depending on the deal. Hope you don't find out!

Low Gears - Gears that increase the amount of reduction in the transmission, transfer case, or axle. They are expressed as the ratio of ring-gear teeth to pinion teeth, so low gears are numerically higher than high gears. (Example: 4:10 gears are lower than 3:55 gears.) Rockcrawlers typically have low gears.

Low Lock - To have the transfer case in 4LO, locking out the center differential (if so equipped).


Mall Crawler - Someone who drives their X only on roads.

Mandrel Head - Hydraulic or mechanical tube-bending machine that uses dies and mandrels (forms) in such a manner that the walls do not collapse.

Manifold Cooking - To use a hot intake manifold as a heat source for cooking on the trail. Burritos and cans of beans are favorite manifold dishes.... think of some new ones will ya?

MAS - Mass Airflow Sensor. A device that measures the amount of air flow into the intake manifold. This information and other information from other sensors is sent to the engine's computer which calibrates the optimum air-fuel and adjusts the EFI system as required.

Meats - Particularly large, aggressively treaded tires. Syn: Skins, Shoes.

MIG Welding - Metal Inert Gas welding. A wire-fed welding system that uses argon gas as a shielding agent for the weld. You can convert to weld SS or aluminum.

Multilink - Solid axle suspension design where coil springs are used instead of leaf springs. The axle is located by longitudinal and lateral suspension control arms or links.


Nail It - (1) To apply full throttle. (2) You can imagine with all that room and a flat floor.

Negative Offset - When the wheel's mounting surface is outboard of its centerline.

Noob/Noobie/Newbie - If you have to ask, you must be one.

Normally Aspirated - An engine that relies on vacuum through its intake manifold and cylinders to draw in an air-fuel mixture. An engine without a forced air induction system (such as a supercharger or turbocharger).

NOS - (1) New Old Stock. Original equipment. Unused parts for vintage vehicles. (2) A Nitrous Oxide injection company. (3) Slang for the bottle, Nitrous.


OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer. Syn: Stock.

Off Camber - A situation where the truck is sideways on an incline, increasing the likelihood of a rollover. Chicks dig body damage!

Oil Gallery - Small passages within the engine block and cylinder heads through which oil circulates.

One Off - (1) Custom part or component that is fabricated from plans; no other identical copy exists. (2) Wide production modifications to an existing vehicle.

Out to Lunch - Worthless. A truck that does not run well or one that does not look right. Example: FJ.

Oversteer - Cornering condition where the rear tires slide toward the outside of the turn.


Panhard Rod - A transverse link (rod that attaches to the truck's frame at one end and to the axle housing at the opposite end) providing lateral positioning of the axle housing relative to the chassis.

Paperweight - A part that is broken beyond repair and can only be used as a paperweight.

Payload - Maximum weight a truck can carry. Calculated by subtracting the curb weight of the truck and a 150 lb allowance for each passenger from the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

Peg-Leg - An open differential. Syn: One-Legger.

Pickle Fork - A fork-like tool used to separate suspension components such as ball joints and tie rid ends for repair.

Pinion Angle - The angle of the pinion yoke on an axle housing in relation to its driveshaft.

Pitman Arm - Steering lever that converts the rotary motion of the steering box to the linear motion of the steering system's center link.

Plenum - Box or cavity at the intake manifold entrance that stores the air fuel mix for distribution to the intake runners.

Plow - Understeer.

Port Injection - Electronic fuel injection system that injects fuel directly into the cylinder head ports.

Posi - Short for Posi traction. Syn: LSD, limited slip differential.

Positive Offset - When the wheel's mounting surface is inboard of its centerline.

Prerunner - An offroad truck that's built to prerun a desert race course so that the driver can study and practice on the course before the race.

Progressive Rate Springs - Suspension springs that become progressively stiffer as they are compressed.

Proportioning Valve - Hydraulic braking valve that varies the braking force at the front or rear wheels depending on pedal pressure, load, and weight transfer to reduce or eliminate wheel lock up.

PTO - Power Take Off. An accessory powered by engine output. Usually a winch.

Pumpkin - (1) The center section of an axle housing that contains the differential carrier and gearset. (2) The thing in the center of the rear axle with a cover that hangs up on rocks; you need a Shrockworks diff cover to keep the fluid in the diff.

Push Rod - Thin metal rods that transmit the motion from the camshaft and lifters to the rocker arms, and thus operate the valves on an overhead-valve (OHV) system.


Quad - A four-wheeled all terrain vehicle. Syn: ATV.

Quarter Panel - Body shop term for the front or rear corner assembly.


Rack and Pinion - A steering system that uses a pinion or gear at the end of the steering shaft engaging in a horizontal-toothed bar or rack having tie rods at either end that are attached to the steering arms.

Rake - When the front end of a vehicle sits lower than the rear.

Ramp Breakover Angle - The angle formed by lines drawn from the front and rear tires' contact patches and the midpoint of the wheelbase on the chassis; the greater the angle the less likelihood of high-centering.

Rebound - After a suspension spring is compressed by a bump, the spring naturally tries to return to its previous length, extending the spring upward towards its original ride height.

Recirculating Ball Steering - Steering assembly that uses a worm gear on the end of the steering shaft to turn a sector gear that's in the steering box and attached to the pitman arm. Ball bearings are used between the worm and sector gears for smooth operation.

Redline - Absolute maximum operating speed an engine should be operated, indicated by a red line on the RPM gauge or tachometer.

Repro - Aftermarket reproduction parts, made to appear, function, and fit as original equipment parts. Not the same as OEM or NOS which are factory issued parts.

Restify - To build a truck that has been restored and updated with modern technology as far as convenience and performance is concerned.

Retrofit - Installing new parts or systems on an older truck for the purpose of upgrading. Example: Retrofitting a modern fuel injected system in place of the original carburetor.

Rev Limiter - An adjustable device that electronically limits the max RPM an engine may turn so as to save it from an abusive driver.

Reverse Rotation - Refers to an axle design where the pinion is positioned above the axle centerline. Syn: High Pinion.

Ring and Pinion - A gearset that drives the wheels. The pinion is a gear attached to the rear of the drive shaft, and the ring gear is part of the differential that turns the axles.

Rock Magnet - A low-hanging component on a 4x4, such as our rear diff cover, that seems to catch on every obstacle.

Rock Massaging - Body damage that chicks dig. Happens on the trail by rocks and other obstacles.

Rocker Arm - Pivoting valve train levers. One end of an engine's rocker arms are moved by the pushrods/lifters and the opposite end's open intake or exhaust valves.

RTI - Ramp Travel Index. A measurement of suspension flexibility and articulation. Calculated by dividing the distance the hubs' centerline travels up a (usually 20 degree) ramp by the vehicle's wheelbase in inches, multiplied by 1,000.


Sanitary - Well designed, engineered, and constructed. Cleanly built. Superior mechanical workmanship.

SAS - Sold Axle Swap or Straight Axle Swap. A conversion where the independent front suspension is replaced with a solid axle, normally to gain offroad articulation.

Semi Floater - An axle assembly that carries the weight of the vehicle on the axle shafts. Typically weaker than full floaters.

Serpentine Belt - Engine accessory drive belt that is long and follows a snaking path while driving the alternator, AC pump, fan, and power steering pulleys.

Shackle - Connector between the rear of a leaf spring pack and the frame. Allows the spring to lengthen as the suspension is compressed.

Shift Kit - Package of high performance parts for an automatic transmission that firms the shifts, alters the shift points, and improves overall performance.

Shiny Side Down - When a truck rolls over rubber side up. (On the greenhouse)

Short Block - An engine block that has a complete bottom end, including crankshaft, rods, pistons, and camshaft, but without the cylinder heads, exhaust manifold, water pump, and other accessories.

Shrockworks - Company that manufactures aftermarket bumpers, skids, and sliders that you cannot do without.

Sidehill - A portion of a trail that leads across a steep hill instead of up and down. See also: Off Camber.

Sidewall - Side of a tire between the bead and the tread.

Single Plane Manifold - Intake manifold with a single plenum feeding all of the engine's intake runners.

Skin - Body sheet metal.

Slickrock - A type of sandstone dominant in Moab, Utah. Slickrock usually isn't slick and provides good traction.

Sliders - Essential eqiupment to prevent lower body damage. Normally connected to the frame under the rocker panel. Double as step rails for short people. Not to be confused with Nerf Bars, which offer no protection from offroad obstacles. Syn: Rock Sliders.

Slushbox - An automatic transmission.

Small Block - A V8 engine of less than 400 CID.

Snatch Block - A pulley device used to help you get unstuck. Doubles a winch cable's pulling power.

Snatch Strap - A thick nylon strap used to pull out stuck vehicles. (No metal hooks/ends please)

Spool Out - To pull the winch cable off the drum after releasing the brake.

Spotter - A co-driver or wheeling companion who helps guide the driver over obstacles, often using hand signals. A second set of eyes.

Spring Rate - The force required to deflect a spring 1 inch, expressed in pounds per inch of spring compression or deflection. The higher the per inch spring rate, the stiffer the spring.

Spun Bearing - A bearing that is either worn or frozen and has rotated in its retainer. In an engine, this causes the bearing to block off its oil passage and results in major damage.

Stair-Step - An obstacle that contains one or more ledges that must be climbed in succession. Common on trails that follow washes or creek beds.

Stand on It - Full throttle front axle breaking acceleration.

Swamped - To drown the engine or to drown the entire truck!

Synthetic Oil - Manmade lubricants. Generally have a greater capacity to lubricate and resist heat than standard mineral oil. (By the way, "synthetic" by law is not defined so anyone can call an oil synthetic and legally sell it that way even though it is not. What do you have?)


Tachometer - Device used to display an engine's speed in revolutions per minute (RPM). Syn: Tach.

Tack Welds - Series of small welds spaced approximately .1 inch apart. Used to hold sheets of metal together until the final weld can be performed.

Taco'd - Axlehousings, frames, or other components that have been severely bent, usually from jumping the truck. Easy there!

Tail Gunner - The last driver on a trail ride. The tail gunner is responsible for making an announcement should they fall behind and ensures everyone makes it off the trail. Also known as: Bringing up the rear.

Tall Gears - The opposite of low gears. 3.08 gears are larger than 4.10 gears.

TBI - Throttle Body fuel Injection. - A forum founded by Dan Galusha (The Godfather) for Xterra owners of the next generation to find, post, and exchange information without any of the flame found on other sites and taking pride in such.

Threshold Braking - Applying as much pressure to the brake pedal as possible without going to wheel lock up.

Throwout Bearing - On a clutch assembly, a shaft-mounted bearing that is moved from pressure on the clutch pedal and disengages the clutch disc from the engine.

T Case - Transfer case. A small transmission used on 4x4s to transfer engine torque to the front or rear axles.

Tie Rod - Steering linkage between the pitman or idler arm and a steering arm that moves the steering knuckles.

TIG Welding - Tungsten Inert Gas welding. Usually used to join aluminum to stainless steel.

Timing Chain/Gears - Transfers rotation from the crankshaft to the camshaft.

Toe-In Toe-Out - Inclination of a pair of front wheels slightly inward or outward as viewed from the trucks front.

Torque Converter - Fluid coupling between the engine and the automatic transmission.

Torsion Bar - Suspension spring that looks like a long metal rod. One end is attached to the frame of the truck and the other end is attached to the suspensions A arm.

TPI - Tuned Port fuel Injection.

Trail Boss - The leader of a trail ride.

Trailer Queen - A vehicle that is primarily trailered to events.

Tunnel Ram - Intake manifold with a long plenum and long, straight runners. Used for high RPM engines.

Turned Turtle - A truck that has turned up side down.

Two Bolt Main - Engine block with its main crankshaft bolts held in place by two bolts.

Two Wheeling - When tires lift off the ground during a tricky maneuver. Syn: Bicycling.


U-Bolt - U-shaped bolt commonly used to attach an axlehousing to a leaf spring pack.

U-Joint - Mechanical joint than can transmit rotary motion while swiveling. Used at both ends of a driveshaft to transmit power from the transfer case to the differential.

Understeer - Cornering condition where a truck's front tires lose grip before the rear tire, causing the front end to slide or push toward the outside corner.

Unglued - (1) Damaged or destroyed. A blown-up engine has become unglued. (2) The co-driver's mental state following a rollover.


Valve Lift - Circular, stemmed device used to control the air-flow in and out of an engine.

Valvetrain - The valve, lifters, push rods, rocker arms, and valve springs.

Vaporlock - Condition where fuel boils within the fuel line or carburetor. Resulting bubbles impede the fuel flow or cause excessive fuel to flood the carburetor.

Variable ratio Steering - Power steering box that varies the rate of steering response or ratio. At low speeds the response is quicker for better maneuverability and at high speeds slower for stability.

VIN - Vehicle Identification Number.


Wail - Perform at peak power or efficiency.

Wheel Adaptor - Metal plate with wheel studs that allows a wheel with one bolt pattern to be used on a vehicle with a dissimilar bolt pattern. (MC says don't got here)

Wheelbase - Distance from the center of a truck's front wheel to the center of the truck's rear wheel on the same side.

Wheel Travel - The total distance a wheel can move up and down. Affected by suspension travel and wheelwell clearance. More wheel travel means a more flexible suspension and more potential traction.

White Knuckle - When an obstacle is scary enough to make the driver grip the steering wheel extremely tight. (Butt hole may also be sucking up the seat cushion.)

Windage Tray - An internal engine shield mounted close to the crankshaft and intended to deflect oil away from the crank as it rotates.

Wiring Harness - Major part of a truck's electrical wiring system. A group of wires bundled together. (And will not remain intact if it is owned by MC)

WOT - Wide Open Throttle.

Wrist Pin - Hollow metal tubular pin that attaches the piston to the connecting rod.


Xterra - Most Bad Assed, comfortable 4x4 for the money, Absolutely, positively, unequivically, and without a doubt!

Y & Z

Zerk Fitting - Nipple-like fitting on suspension and chassis parts, and on some U-joints, through which lubricant under pressure is pumped to lubricate a component's internals. Largely done away with in today's vehicles due to servicemen overfilling and breaking the seals.

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Acronym & Term Listing

ABM/ Air Box Mod = The process of taking unwanted parts off the stock engine air box out to let the engine breath better

AEM = Advanced Engine Management(Brand Name)

AFAIK = As Far As I Know

AR = After market Rims

AT = Automatic Transmission

ATX = Auto Trans axle

Axle-back = Exhaust from rear axle

AWD = All Wheel Drive

BOV = A turbo engines blow off valve

Bump = Brings post to top
BSF or B/S = Buy/Sell Forums

BTW = By the way

Cat back = An exhaust system that starts at the catalytic converter.

CAI = Cold Air Intake

CCC = Combustion Chamber Cleaner

CEL = Check Engine Light

CF = Carbon Fiber

Cleansweep = A audio device made by JL Audio (Brand Name)

DDE = Daylight Demon Eyes (Halos, Angel Eyes, etc)

CD = Cross Drilled Rotors

CRP = Commonly Reported Problem

CSC = Centrifugal Supercharger

CTS = Coolant Temp Sensor

DIY = Do It Yourself

DYI = Do Yourself Install

ECU = Engine Control Unit

EGR = Exhaust gas recirculation

EMS = Engine Management System

FMIC = Front Mount InterCooler

FP = Fuel Power additive

FS = For Sale

FSM = Factory Service Manual

FT = For Trade

FTW = For The Win

FWD = Front Wheel Drive

FWIW = For What It's Worth

GB = Group Buy

GC = German Casterol(green 0w-30 engine oil)

HID = High Intensity Discharge Light

HU = Head Unit

IBTL = In Before The Lock

I.C.E. = In Car Electronics/Entertainment

IIRC = If I Recall Correctly

IMO = In my opinion

IRS = Independent rear suspension

JDM = Japan Domestic Market

JK = Joke or joking

LCA: Lower Control Arm

LED = Light-Emitting Diode

LHD = Left Hand Drive

LMAO = Laugh My Ass Off

LOC = Line Output Converter

LOL = Laugh Out Loud

LSD = Limited Slip Differential

MAF = Hot Wire Airflow Sensor

MF = MagnaFlow(Brand Name)

MPI = Multiple port injection

MT = Manual Transmition

MTX = Manual Trans axle

NA = North American

NISMO:Nissan Motorsport International Limited

NOS = Nitrous Oxide Systems(Brand Name)

NSFW = Not safe for work

NX = Nitrous eXpress(Brand Name)

OCC = Oil Catch Can

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer

OP = Original Poster

PCV = Positive crankcase ventilation

PI = Performance increase

PICS = Pictures

PITA = Pain In The Ass

PM = Personal Message

PO = Previous owner

POS = Piece of Sh*t

PWNED = To be called out or simply made a fool of by another member of the board (owned).

PVO = Performance Vehicle Operations

RHD = Right Hand Drive

RMIC = Rear Mount Intercooler

ROFL = Rolling on floor laughing

RPM = Revolution Per Minute

RSB = Rear Sway bar

R/T = Road/Track

RTFM = Read the Freaking Manual!(Owners manual, FSM, or Instructions manual for part install)

SC = Super Charged

SMIC = Side Mount InterCooler

SOL = S&@$ outta luck

SOTP = Seat Of The Pants

SPF = Sold Pending Funds

SR = Stock Rims

SRI = Short Ram Intake

STF = Search the forum

STFU = Shut the f&#^ up

TB = Throttle Body

TBD = To be determined

TC = Turbo Charged

TCM = Transmission Control Unit

TMIC = Top Mounted InterCooler

TPS = Throttle Position Sensor

Troll(ing) = A member that intentionally lurks around looking to act like an ass

TSB = Technical Service Bulletin

TT = Twin Turbo

ttt = Brings post to the top (To The Top)

TTUW0P = This Thread Useless Without Pics

UCA = Upper control arm

UOA = Used Oil Analysis

WGDC = Waste Gate Duty Cycle

WTB = Wanted to buy

WTF = What the F#@&

WTT = Want to trade

WOT = Wide Open Throttle

And not to forget
GRMFMTL = Give Rob $ for making this list

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I created this list for another forum. Mods/Admin if you see fit feel free to sticky it. As I come across new terms here I'll be adding to the list. If you see 1 around the forum and dont know what it means or just think one should be added post up.
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