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Hey guys,

Thinking about starting to to acquire some parts to start my Titan Swap. I was talking to a buddy of mine and his dad just recently bought a 2004 Titan that was t-boned. He said he would sell me a couple of parts.

What's what's still available and I'm thinking about buying them.

both UCAs and LCAs
both CVs
Inner and Outer tire rods
1 front brake line.

All boots and parts are in good shape, nothing a bit of sanding and paint can't fix, no big issues at all. All for $300, the more I think about it, UCAs will probably have to be PRG, because of coil contact (according to my reading), and not too sure I'll need the tire rods..

should I just get the LCAs and CVs?

Opinions? Any other parts I should inquire about, or are you looking for something I could grab for you? (Canada West)
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