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GeoXplorer's X

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Username: GeoXplorer
Year: 2006
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra, 6MT
Trim: Off Road
Color: Granite

Mods: So far mods are mostly invisible from the outside.

Unique (perhaps) Mods:
Dual battery under the hood (write up posted here:
Rear tailgate addition
Air compressor (Extreme Outback ExtremeAire Jr.) under the hood
(I have pictures and documentation for the tailgate install that I'll post someday)

Shrockworks sliders
removed mud flaps
Timbren bump stops rear
removed storage compartment up top
No-slip strips on the rockers and rear steps
Finally new tires: BF Goodrich AT KO's, 265/75R16
Added when needed:
Yakima Load Warrior
Rola cargo bag
50W solar panel​

Engel HD13 fridge
2x Lev-o-gauge (front/rear and side/side)
hula girl ("Lily")

Blue Sea fuse panel behind the glove box
Blue Sea multimeter to monitor state of dual batteries and solar
Icom 2100H 2m ham radio (KC6QIG) and Diamond magmount antenna
Uniden Pro 520XL CB radio and K40 mag mount antenna
Garmin 500 GPS with CA/NV topo card
PIAA 1500 auxiliary backup lights
Warn front and rear quick clamps for running my buddy's winch in my 2" receiver, and jumper cables

Coming Soon:
Hmm, don't know what's next...

If you read anything on this forum you know the sky's the limit!
LED interior lights
Raingler rack handles
Rear hatch tent, custom (the wife likes to sleep in the back of the X, which is one reason for the tailgate)
front and rear bumpers
minor lift would be nice

Comments: Thanks to everyone who's posted through the years!


Red Rocks Canyon State Park, CA

Dual Battery Install


Air Compressor

Warn Quick Connectors front and rear

PIAA 1500 Backup Lights
(Includes switch inside the cab to select OFF/ON/ON WHEN IN REVERSE
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Photobucket works well here. I'd love to see pics. Specially of the dual battery as I would like to do the same. Also the solar.

Are you on Expedition Portal?
Ah, so much for my Flickr account. I'll try Photobucket. Thanks Rev. I was unaware of Expedition Portal, but it looks like a neat site. I'll check it out.
Ah, so much for my Flickr account. I'll try Photobucket. Thanks Rev. I was unaware of Expedition Portal, but it looks like a neat site. I'll check it out.
By the looks of things EP is right up your alley.

I always thought a 2nd battery could fit in there. I run an ARB 45 when camping etc and a 2nd battery would give piece of mind.
very innovative ideas, keep em comin!!
Slick work man!
Thanks for the complements guys. The projects have been a lot of planning and scheming but it's paid off...and heck, they're fun. If I can help someone out or inspire someone all the better.

Rev, yeah I run a fridge too and I used to shut it off overnight for that very reason. Now I don't have to worry about it. Also, I don't have to worry if I run it in freezer mode like my buddy. He freezes water bottles one day then swaps out the melted water bottles in a cooler and keeps the cycle going. Plus, we can have more ice for our margaritas now!:iconbiggrin:
Do you have a write up on that dual battery setup?
Do you have a write up on that dual battery setup?
x2, I would like to see a write up for the dual batteries as well.
I took notes and several pictures during the dual battery install, so I'll try to put it all together and post it in the electrical section. I'll put a note here too to alert you to the post. It'll probably take me a week or two to compile it...the worst part is trying to remember what some of the pictures are of and/or why I took one!
X3 on the dual batteries that is way slick! going to be honest...seeing you as a newer member I did not expect to find such an aggressive project tackled already in this build....

I would like to do this...I need it badly with all my new lighting and winching a write-up would be the cat's meow! and part numbers and linky's FTW! ;)

It looks like you have some sort of monitor or discharge controller in that the case?

keep up the awesome X want's to have the juice your's is running someday!

PS: I am working on a permanent solar setup as well! :thumbup:

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Nice. The tailgate mod is pretty sick man!
Nice. The tailgate mod is pretty sick man!
Yep, looks like a nice little work station while out and about. Good job on the mods! You definitely need to get over to Expo, as Rev said, it looks to be right up your alley.
nice looking X... i also like the tailgate mod and the placement of your air compressor. about that write man? :)
good set of mods, and nice lookin rig.
you gave me some ideas, thanks.
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