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Liam Nissan:
Year: 2007
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: Titan Swapped Off Road 6MT
Color: Red Brawn
Mileage: 210,xxx

Year: 2007
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: Off Road 5AT
Color: Night Armor
Mileage: 130,xxx

Hey, ya'll. Not sure anybody cares to know about it, but here is my thread!

I love my X and take mostly good care of it
I want a good DD but want to be able to pick up and just explore because I live in a gorgeous area and a fun area to get out and see!

[ ] Future;
[X] already done;
[!] Bought but not installed

[X] 295/75r16 Ko2s
[X] SPC titan uppers
[X] Titan lowers
[X] Titan Tie rods
[X] Tundra/4runner Struts
[X] @Glamisdude top hat
[X] Bilstein 5125s for rear
[X] Used Alcans
[X] Adjustable shackles

[X] Maxterra rock sliders
[ ] Maxterra rear bumper (maybe?)
[X] ARB skid plates for a Nissan Navara (D40)
[X] shrockworks rear diff guard
[X] Front recovery points and shackles from zach_attack
[X] bow-shackle hitch
[ ] ARB Or custom tube bumper

[X] Snorkel
[X] Remove mud flaps
[X] Melt-mod
[X] Stealth wheels
[!] Stealth trim pieces and rack
[ ] Modify fog lights to be turned on with highbeams
[X] Plasti-dip emblems
[X] Offroad Gorilla rear diff breather mod
[X] Moved trailer plug into bumper
[X] French a lightbar into front bumper
[X] Offroad Gorilla hood struts (Best mod ever!)
[X] Ditch lights
[ ] Body lift
[X] Stock bumper chop

[X] Replace all dome lights with LED's
[X] Xterra rubber floor mats
[X] Footwell lights
[!] ABS on/off switch
[X] Hatch escape
[ ] Power windows without key
[X] Recovery gear (compressor, straps, shackles etc.)
[X] survival kit
[X] "Oh-****-Kit"
[X] upgraded first aid kit
[X] 175lb rear hatch struts
[X] beefy rear cargo hooks
[ordered] Raingler full attic net

[X] New primary cats
[X] Bully-dog
[X] Dynomax 19943 cat-back
[X] post-cat removal (sorry, environment).
[X] CSF Aluminum Rad
[X] Volant
[X] Snorkel to Volant Adapter
[X] Oil catch can
[X] Braided front brake lines
[X]Offroad Gorilla hose kit

-Mobil1 Synthetic 5w-30 High Mileage every 5000 mi
-Royal Purple in both diffs
-Nissan MTF in trans
-Mobil1 ATF in t-case
-LL blue coolant in Rad
-some brand synthetic Power Steering fluid
-Dot3 Synthetic Brake Fluid in brakes and clutch
-Both Air filters every 15000
-MAF clean every oil change
-T-bod clean every other oil change

Last 6 months or so:
-silicone hoses
-oil catch can
-new intake runner
-new tires

To-Do projects:
-camp and explore a ton
-Save for clutch
-install all the stuff I have
-Rebuild drive shafts
-new keys

Someday (but probably never):
[X] T-swap (did it)
[X] Alcans (used)
[ ] Offroad Gorilla fan shroud

Day I bought it!

As it sits now:

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GDPearson's Xterras

Had 2 wheels off the ground less than 18hours after signing!

Went back last summer (nothing like picking the dumbest line possible :p)

Utah Mountain

32" curved light bar in bumper!


Pine Valley Mountain


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Didn’t take any pictures of the process...
but I slapped some 1.5” wheel spacers on. This is what they look like with 255/85s and stock rims

I also plasti-dipped my wheels black. I still don’t super believe in plast-dip, and even just torquing my wheels scuffed it a bit :/. But it looks sweet for now and it’s easy to reverse, patch, or redo. We’ll see how long it stays.

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Looks great! St. George? My dad's side of the family is all from Beaver. God's country.

Yes! I’m from St. George! My brother-in-law is from minersville and went to Highshool in Beaver.

It’s all a very beautiful area. Shame people don’t enjoy it more.

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GDPearson's Xterras

So... we found a 2007 OR 5AT. It had 75,000 miles and a squeaky clean title. We talked the guy down to 8800. Aaaand now my wife has an Xterra too ;).

Same year and trim (except the stereo and transmissions). Hers has 75,000 mi, and mine has 182,000mi.

Here’s a picture of the day I bought mine- and two years later when we bought hers!

His and hers Xterras!!

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Nice his and hers. Congrats!

St. George is an awesome place. I've stayed in town (usually down on St. George Blvd) on many trips headed to Zion, Bryce, Grand Staircase, North Rim and other parts of Southern Utah. The locals are friendly and there's an In-N-Out in Washington! :) Would love to have a place in St. George or maybe Hurricane someday.
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