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Update 15Jan2014:
Snorkels Are IN!!!
If your name is on the OP list you can call in to pay for your snorkel.

They will ship next day.

Mention "The New X Snorkel Group Buy" my name if needed Angel Cruz. Any issues let me know.

If you don't call them they will eventually contact you for payment.
Happy Swimming!!

Update 10Jan2014:
Spoke to the owner today:

"Next week we should have them in our hands and will be able to start getting order information from your friends. About Wednesday or Thursday."

Once you pay for your snorkel it will ship the next day. Once I give the go ahead you can call in to pay for your snorkel or wait for them to call you for payment.

Update 26Dec
From the Vendor
"They are in US, they are going though customs, as soon as they are in my warehouse I will e-mail you.
Thank you for your patience."

Update 9 Dec
From the vendor
"We should see them later this month"

Update 11 November
They ordered some extras so if you want in on the GB price PM me. The extras will be sold first come first served.

From Vendor:
"Thank you for your e-mail. Information has not changed we will contact all of them on your list as soon as the snorkels arrive which should be mid December.

They are on the water now as soon as they come to port I will contact you.

Thank you for your assistance and patience."

Update 10 November
If you got a "shipping" notification from my website please ignore it I was clearing out my invoices.
I should have a good update from the vendor tomorrow.

Update 3 November
Newest update:

"Hello Angel,

Sorry for delayed reply. Please hand on to your list we are preparing for SEMA show and are in conversation with manufacturer of the snorkels and as soon as we get back from SEMA show after next week we will be in touch with you regarding logistics of your request."

Hopefully they are working out a better deal for us.

Update 1 November
4x4Parts should be placing our order Tuesday 5 Nov with Airflow. I can still add you if you want in.

Update 29 October
Ok here is the list I have if you're missing tell me ASAP,
I can still add new people follow directions below ASAP to place deposit!

Shields PM me your truck info and phone number.

Official List:
[table="head"]No. | Last Name
13|St Peter
Add Ons:
22 | xterra terrestre
23 | D. Jacobs
24| D. Fry

Airflow Snorkel confirmed these are made by Airflow.
$#### shipped to 48 States typically with UPS

Pre-order and don't pay anything until they arrive from the manufacture and are ready to ship to your door!! Sweet deal

Lead time is 1 to 2 months

You are paying a $0.01 deposit to get your name/order on the list for this group buy price. Price good through 27 Oct 2013 (at which point the 1-2 month lead time begins) so get your 1 penny deposit in before then.

Go to to place your deposit. Include your screen name, phone number and make/model/year of your truck in "special instructions" spot.

Int'l shipping cost: $58.75 (Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska) so your total would be $#### shipped, typically via USPS

Once they arrive the vendor ( will contact you directly for payment or you can call them at which point they will ship your snorkel to your door.

I don't have prices on anything other than 2005-2012 Xterras right now, working on it. A seperate deposit link will be setup for non 2005-2012 Xterras once I have priecs for them.

Update 14 Oct 2013:

If you sent your deposit and are not marked paid please PM me with your name and screen name.
I only get your real name on the deposit invoice.

Update 25 Oct 2013:
OK they will be providing pricing on the Frontier versions after they place our order with the manufacture. I guess they want to use our order as leverage.

Reminder this closes this Sunday the 27th at 2:00pm EST

The volant adapter is currently not available From what I have read on this forum is that they only ever made one batch and people felt they were over priced and were able to build their own adapters. I might have a plan for this I'll keep you posted (due to my Achilles surgery I have not had time to work this yet).

PaulKucz he isn't planning on running another group buy so I set this one up.


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What'd the snorks go for on the last GB?
OLD Prices were:

1-5 Snorkels $373.50
+ $25 shipping
5-10 Snorkels $352.75 + $25 shipping
10+ Snorkels $332 + $25 shipping

Shipping was $45 to Canada, Hawaii and Alaska.

Previous member that ran the last GB said the vendor warned of prices going up so these are probably best case, expect slightly higher.

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I'm in if you can make this work.

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tentatively put me down for 1 love to hear more details

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There is a lot of interest in this, seems like you could push for a little better discount perhaps?
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