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Gas Tank Lid blowing open

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Hi everyone, My husband and I just bought a 2006 X-Night Amor color, this is our first SUV ever and we are loving it.
Since the first night we have had it is seems like the gas lid door will be open a few inches when we stop somewhere are end up noticing it. Like the wind blows it open a bit, it has the spring it there, you can hear it click when you open it up all the way.
It's just an annoyance right now, but does anyone have any tips on how to keep it closed? Velcro,bungee, sticky? I just wonder why they didnt make a gas lid release inside the truck...
Thanks so much in advance and I think this website is great and we are already learning so much, got a great group of people here and some nice looking rigs :flower:
Brianne and Mike
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UM.......let me get this straight.....its brand new.......Right? TAKE IT BACK TO THE DEALER! THEY HAVE TO FIX IT! Dont go puting velcro or sticky tack back there! Mines never flown open. You ust have a minor malfunction that the dealer needs to remedy, not you.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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