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Garmin Nuvi 660 Mod

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One of my projects this weekend was to get my Nuvi installed, finally. I have an install PDF I'll post, once I find a suitable hosting place for it. In the mean time, this is how it came out. I put a switched 12 volt accessory outlet in the tray and ran it from the non-switched outlet under the AUX in jack. The package I got came with the FM Traffic receiver and it needs to have access to an open place, hence the location in the tray. I also didn't want wires hanging down the dash. The Nuvi is removable so it's pretty easy to come and go. The switch is in the tray, which is not seen in this picture.

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That's a pretty good spot for it actually. I'd be a little worried parking and walking away with that thing in the window though.
I agree. There's a little button on the mount that releases the Nuvi quickly and easily. The Nuvi comes with a little pouch so that you can store it and go. It's got a lot of features, but I knew I would not use anything that required a ton of setup, like a windshield mount.
Sweet. I've got the same GPS but with the wire hanging down the the traffic receiver sitting in the lighter plug. Can you show me another picture with details of the plug you mounted?

Thanks in advance.

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I find that position a bit uncomfortable for me. I have mine Stuck to the windshield on the other side of the steering wheel. I will show pics when I get my card reader back
Here is the set up I found works better for me. As you can see it is easy to reach, I don't have to lean forward or move to the side. The cable will be cleaned up later, right now it goes to the front power outlet

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Here's the way it looks on the tray... If you PM me your email address, I'll send you the PDF of the mod instructions.

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nice install :cheers:

I can take it from there. I was just concerned about what's under the tray. I suppose once I pull it up I can see how far back the radio goes to. I use to be an electronic technician so the wiring will be simple.

I like the on/off switch but I'll probably go with an alternator controlled source.
I wanted a bit of flexibility with regard to switched power. I don't know about you, but I get seem to get frequent traffic software updates pushed out to my unit. I didn't want to have to sit there waiting for the Nuvi to update. Plus, I can think of other reasons to have switched power (charging the Nuvi while the engine is off) so it made sense to me.

With the socket I used, I had to cut a bigger hole in the dash cover underneath to accomodate the socket and it it's locking tabs.
Here's how I mounted mine.
It is bolted to the scanner which is bolted to the frame in the roof. Not only is it rock-solid so it doesn't move when you are entering information, but it is also right at arm's reach and doesn't require one to take his eyes off the road too much.

It is also mounted high enough that, when turned off, it doesn't attract attention to wanna-be theives.

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man.. that is a nice set up
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