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Username: Ramness

Make: Nissan
Year: 2011
Model: Xterra
Trim: Pro-4X
Color: Red Brick

DOB: 12-8-10


Interior Mods
Laptop stand
Garmin GPS V
Lobo Shelf
Nissan rubber floor mats
Nissan rear cargo mat (sold)
Power inverter
Cargo area lighting
2 fuse blocks
LED map lights White/ Red
Modified Galls Street Thunder XL200 switch panel
Dash cam
Streamlight flashlight with charger
Removed iPod controller
RevRug mod
Hiking pole storage
Garmin Nuvi 1300LMT in Nissan dock
Hard wired phone charger
Zoombak tracking device
Remote Start with factory remote

Exterior Mods
Front windows tinted
In channel vent visors
Keyless entry keypad
Whelen air horn
100w back and side lights
Yakima Bike rack
LED warning lights front and rear
Bosch wipers
Cooper AT3 tires
Painted grill
Headlight mod in flat black
Painted rear bumper
Painted Roof Rack
Mirror turn signals
Underbody puddle lights
Southco Locking handle for gear box
Relocated XM antenna
K&N Filter
Added Off Road badges
Amber LED front markers
5W CREE LED reverse bulbs
LED license plate bulbs
Daytime running lights
Plasti-dipped badges gunmetal
Flashing center brake light


First picture after it arrived dealer transfer from Chattanooga. 12-26-10

Parting Shot of my old X and Altima that I traded.

Crappy cell phone picture to send to a few people the morning after purchase

Atlanta Snow Storm 2 weeks old.

1000 miles after only 15 days. You can also see the great gas mileage I was getting in the snow. 148 miles after ¾ of a tank.

Lake Rabun Dam

Kennesaw Ln Lake Burton

Nissan Plant Smyrna, TN

Wooly’s Offroad Park NXM 2011

Wooly’s Offroad Park NXM 2011 Photo by ryandavenport

Wooly’s Offroad Park NXM 2011 Photo by ryandavenport

Blue Ridge Parkway NC

Tail of The Dragon US129 photo by Moon Shine Photo

Sunset in Allentown GA

Daytona Beach

Old A1A St Augustine FL

Interior Mod PHOTOS:

Interior wiring begins

Quick disconnect plug for cargo panel

Fuse block for ignition powered accessories.

Hole in roof, scariest thing I’ve ever done to a vehicle.

Lobo shelf with power inverter rear warning lights and cargo lights.

Quick disconnect plug for lobo shelf removal if needed.

Cargo Lights on at night

1 of 2 switches for the cargo lights, second is on dash.

Quick Fists Hiking pole storage on bottom of Lobo shelf.


LED Map light bulbs

My old Garmin GPSV Might be old but works just fine and no one wants to steal it. Connected to my laptop running Garmin nRoute with City Navigator and Topo. Eventually I want to get the Nuvi housing for over the radio.

Mounted to the dash with a Ram Mount, GPS is in a standard Garmin mount with the Ram ball bolted to the bottom of it. I had it attached with strong double sided tape but once it got warm out the tape failed and it fell over. Replaced the tape for a little vibration control and put in a single screw opposite of the direction it hangs off the dash.

Laptop stand. Ram Mounts laptop bracket with Jotto Desk universal mount, swing arm and desk bolted to it. Foam pipe insulation wrapped around the edge to protect ankles.

Garmin Nuvi 1300 in Nissan dash housing.

Streamlight Flashlight in charging holder.

Cargo area light and power inverter switches. I made a little plate to go between the 2 to clean up the look, seems to of fallen in and is not wide enough. Time to try something else. The dremel also walked on me and chewed a bit of the panel next to the mirror switch. Not to pleased with myself on that one.

Modified and painted to match Galls Street Thunder XL200 switch box

ScanGaugeII mounted on dash

External / Internal Thermometer with battery monitor painted to match overhead console.

Exterior Mod PHOTOS:

Windows tinted and vent visors on.

Side area lights Part 1 LED lights, bright to look at but did not put off any usable light beyond a few feet.

Side area lights Part 2 100w fog beam.

Ran wires though the roof rack for the back lights

Back lights Part 1 attached to the mounting tracks on the bottom of my bike rack.

Backup lights part 2. Replaced LED backup lights with 100w lamps.

Under body step lights

All Lights on.

Yakima Steelheads attached to cross bars with Yakima mighty mounts. Single Yakima bar for stabilization. A little faded from being in the sun on my old truck for many years, might repaint them flat black at some point.

Relocated XM antenna along with GPS antenna on back of gear box

Turn signals added to mirrors

Project get rid of the silver

Grill and lower trim painted. Used Rust-Oleum outdoor textured in dark pewter.

Headlight mod done to match the grill.

Painted rear bumper to match the front..

Left the Xterra logo on the rails to use as a paint mask when I painted them.

Speaker for power airhorn bolted to bumper.

Daytime running lights, headlight mod done again in flat black, gunmetal Plasti-dip on Grill



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:sunny: wow! thats bright in the back. :cool: i'm sure if you lost something you will find it... great looking rig!:D

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Crossed a few items off the todo list this weekend. Flashlight charger, bike rack, side and back lights. Also prewired the drivers side door for mirror turn signals while running wire for flashlight charger.

Added a few pictures of the lights as well as my switch box and laptop stand.

I am not happy with my side and back lights. I purchased LED driving lights that were supposed to be very bright. Thought they would be better for camping and such to light up the camp site without draining the battery or leaving the truck running. They look really bright looking at them but they don’t put out much light past a couple feet or so.

Next on the list will the turn signals on the mirrors, front LED lights, painting the headlight trim and front grill, and mounting the Air Horn speaker. Also need to find a way to make the swatches I put on the dash look a little better.

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Where did you pick up the laptop mount and how much did you pay? I really want to get my laptop mounted instead of trying to rely on my old GPS that locks up all the time.

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Where did you pick up the laptop mount and how much did you pay?

The desk, arms and uprights are a universal setup from Jotto Desk, I had to cut about 3” off of the telescoping pole sections as it was too high once mounted. Unfortunately I could not get the universal Jotto base plate to work on its own and Jotto did not make one specifically for the Xterra/Frontier/Pathfinder

They are sold new for about $235, got mine used for $80. They show up on eBay every now and then.

I went to Ram Mounts for the base. It is a No Drill mount that uses the factory seat bolt holes. The predrilled holes on the mounting plate for their desk just happens to match the holes in the Jotto universal plate that I had. Bolted them together with 4 bolts that I painted the heads of black.


On their website they listed it as only fitting the 2005-2006 I emailed them to see if they had just not updated the product info to include newer years and they insisted they were different. I found a 2006 Xterra at a local dealership photographed the seat frames and area around them and compared to pictures of my own. I did not see any difference and emailed the pictures to Ram Mounts to see if they could tell me the difference. They agreed they looked the same so I purchased one. They have since changed it to 2005- 2010.

The computer itself is secured to the desk with a Dell docking station bolted to the desktop.

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Got a little more done this weekend. Painted the silver portion of the rear bumper to match the front grill. Also replaced the LED side and backup lights with halogen fog lights.

Moved the LED backup lights to the front bumper and hooked them up to a flasher unit along with 4 LED bulbs in the turn signal circles and corner markers.

Purchased some small lights to use as puddle lights under the truck that will come on with the interior lights. Found the wire to tap for those, where to mount them and get the wire under the body. Just need some hardware to come in that I ordered.

Next weekend I will be pulling the roof rack and crossbars off to paint them. While it’s off I will be opening the roof hole and running new wires for the side and back up lights. I had originally run low gauge wires for the LEDs but since I am upgrading those to 100w lights I will be replacing them with 12 gauge wire.

Hopefully the interior / exterior thermometer comes in so I can install it as well.
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