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When i fill up the gas tank, the needle will go way down below Empty and the low fuel light will come on. A couple minutes later, the SES light comes on too. A few days later, the gauge goes up to Full and starts working normally, and the low fuel light goes out. The SES light stays on for a week or more if i don't fill it again and usually then goes out. When i fill it again the cycle repeats.

Had the engine code read-- P0463. Nissan Canada told me that I am 6 months past the warranty extension period to have the FSU replaced.

So last time i filled the tank, I was at a prepay pump and only had a debit card so I couldn't select the FILL option, I had to select a dollar amount to be pre-approved before fueling. So i estimated about how much i figured it would take to fill it, and just put in 5 or 10 liters less to be sure that I wouldn't pay for more than i could put in the tank.

Started engine, gas gauge immediately went to Full, no Low Fuel light, and the SES light hasn't come on.

So next time I'll just keep adding fuel close to full, but not actually letting it click off at the pump.

This seems like a decent "fix" for now for my particular symptoms, since the gauge does still work and I don't have to see the annoying lights on the dashboard.

Thanks for reading!
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