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Swapping a v8 in my X, so I'm selling my engine and transmission.

Pickup in NWGA, shipping only if you pay and arrange freight pickup.
The engine and transmission are still attached. I can take more pictures if needed.
$1225 if bought together as a package.

Engine $825

The good:
  • '06 118k miles only
  • Timing chains, water pump, and oil gallery gasket done at 100k
  • Spark plugs done at 100k
  • Tensioner done about 25k miles ago
  • Runs good
  • Has a CXJ phenolic Intake manifold spacer (not available anymore) that will stay with the engine.
  • PS pump, clutch fan, AC condenser, and all pulleys other than the alternator will come with it

The bad:
  • Thermostat housing gasket may be leaking a little (Might have been the lower rad hose).
  • Both valve covers are leaking. (gaskets are about $9 a piece. 13270-EA21C and 13270-EA20C ) Probably a good idea to replace the PCV valves also.
  • Oil filter cooler to Thermostat housing lower rubber hose was punctured during engine removal. ($2 part 21306-EA21A)
  • Wiring will not be included unless absolutely needed. The wiring is 2wd

(Manifold and accessories were removed to pull the engine. They will be put back on/given in a box)


Idle: IMG-9630.MOV
Video from a couple months ago trying to figure out a suspension clunk ( can hear rattle cans BBs moving around also): IMG_8403.MOV

4wd Transmission $550

The good:
  • 53k miles from a '12 ( was swapped in when I did my 4wd conversion) 15k original + 38k post conversion
  • Radiator was changed prior to this transmission going in
  • Shifts smoothly
  • screen checked and changed when I bought it at 15k.
  • Converter included
  • Will include cooler lines and dip stick if needed (removed while pulling the engine)

The Bad:
  • I'm reusing my transmission mount, so it will need one/need to reuse your current one.
  • Reusing my shifter cable, so it will need one as well or reuse your current one.



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Very interested please hmu. 9126892500 . My ride has been waiting to be reborn for a few months now. Help

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How hard was it to do the 4wd conversion? Cuz I am 2wd but have been wanting to convert to 4wd.....
The only hard parts is you have to weld the front diff brackets on the frame unless you do a drop bracket at the same time and controlling the transfer case. There’s many ways to do this. You can leave it 100% mechanical and go under the truck with a screwdriver every time to change 2Hi/4Hi/4Lo. You can do this with a custom linkage and cut a hole in your floor, or you can do it with the factory actuator. I ended up going that route and programming an ardiuno to run my TC.
Everything else is just a matter of changing parts
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