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$499 + Shipping Or Best Offer. Or Local Pickup

These were pulled out of my truck a few years ago by CT Axle & Spindle Repair in Ellington, CT. They've been sitting in the empty ARB boxes ever since. They have roughly 35-40K on them and are in great shape. As far as the E-Locker goes, it worked flawlessly the few times I activated and used it.

DISCLAIMER: I would like to make any buyer aware ahead of time that my knowledge is limited when it comes to locker and ring & pinion installs, so i don't know for sure which parts you see in the pictures go with what (R&P or Locker). All I know is that these are all the parts that came out of my truck when i did the gear and locker install, so I will not be responsible or accept any returns if you buy this and discover you're missing a piece or a part. Everything is most likely there I just have no way of knowing for sure and don't want to mislead anyone. I'm positive everything for the Ring & Pinion sets are included and I just don't know enough about the E-Locker parts to be sure of what I'm looking at. I'm willing to help try and ensure that you have what you need. Hopefully someone here who knows more can inspect the pics and help us out. I believe a portion of the E locker parts are still sitting installed inside the ring. But these have been sitting for years and I'm not going back to 3.36 so i figured why not see if anyone wants them.

I will have to weigh these and quote the shipping later. Should be able to do decent on them because I have UPS Ground pickup daily from where I work. Local pickup is welcome and I'm open to any offer. Here are the pictures.

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