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Hey Gents,

So I bought a second X strictly for parts. Stripped it and have a few more parts lying around. I figured I was going to be able to swap some over, but I just don't
have the time for it. I'd like to sell these UCA's (pictures attached). They are not brand new, they look good to me and may just have to be cleaned up. One of the uniballs would not come out, no matter what I did. So that would have to be replaced. Other than that they seem fine but again, I have not used them. I have SPC and have not made the time before winter to get them swapped out.

Looking to get $500 for them but please feel free to make an offer. I promise no matter how low I won't take it personal. Located in Fall River, MA.

I apologize, I wasn't able to get better pics or clean them up but I will hopefully have time tonight to do that. I will of course wipe them down before shipping out as well.


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