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FS: Stuff I took Off

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I have no idea if anyone is interested in this but, I have removed this for the upgrades
Front bumper assembly; bolts, tow-hook, plastic and bumper
Rear Bumper; center assembly ( under the tail-gate
100 ft 5/16 inch wire rope from Warn winch ( Very Good condition, no frays;etc.
Roller fairlead for the wire rope

If anyone has an inclination, you can PM me ?

Thank You to everyone, especially to MC, for the great help !

Regards, Jim B
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Do you have an idea of what you'd want for the front bumper?
This doesn't include the grill between the headlights by any chance?
Was that Front bumper saved by the MC Bumper install thread by chance? MC
Stuff I took Off for sale

Yes,,,, That Bumper was saved By The One And Only MC Bumper install thread.
Geeess ! The entire install was done through MC's info !

Nope, still got the grille in the vehicle.
And, I have no idea what it's worth. The shipping could kill you ?
You might want to check and let me know ?
Heck, I'm real easy, and I'm not saving these parts.

Jim B
Stuff I took Off for sale

Sorry, the fog lights went back into the Shrockworks bumper.

Jim B
hey I want the rear bumper. the heavy metal part that the liscense plate screws onto. PM me!
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