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Alrighty I'm now an Authorized Staun II dealer so I can get you guys the best prices on their products.

The prices listed here are the lowest I'm allowed to list at. PM me for my actual prices, which are lower.

Staun II (New Design) Automatic Tire Deflators Part # CED350

Video that explains these badboys

"$75.52" shipped contact me for my lowest price
Quick Chuck
Twist On and Drive
Improve Traction
Wider Pressure range; 3 psi - 50 psi
Tool-less Adjustment
Manual Start
Shorter height for tighter locations
Hex Adjustment Cap with Lock Collar
Reference Marks for More Accurate Adjustments
Made in the U.S.A.
Lifetime Warranty

Staun II Internal Double Bead Locks

Installation Video:

$660 set of four shipped (contact me for lower price)
Staun II Highlights:

Locks both tire beads to the wheel at 50 psi
Uses your existing wheels
No balance issues
No DOT issues
Works at Baja 1000 speeds
Acts as a 50 psi bump stop protecting your tires and wheels from impact damage
Maximizes your tires’ performance
Can be used for all types of terrain – rock, sand, mud, snow, pavement, trail
Provides “limp flat” capabilities for choosing a safer tire changing location
Protected from ozone and the sun’s damaging ultra violet rays
Can be transferred to your new (same size) wheel choice
12 month warranty
Made in the USA
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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