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Hey guys, between all the cockamamie (that's probably misspelled) ideas i have for systems and stuff I've accumulated a good bit of equipment that I'm not going to end up selling, so I have nearly everything needed to put together a nice system (even with video if you'd like!)

I have a Sony CDX-MP70 CD/MP3 player, with remote and everything, it has an aux input so you could add a DVD player or Ipod if you'd like, and you can change the colors on the faceplate - $150

I also have a kenwood amp, I'll get the model number tomorrow, I think it's 100x2, it's perfect to power the...

Infinity Kappa Sub, 10", works like a champ, $150 for the sub and amp, I'd rather not split them up.

Also I have a 10.4" fold down screen that is the perfect size to mount in the spot above the rearview (where the sunglass holder goes on the SE), or it would also mount really easily where the center dome light is so only the backseat passengers can see it. $150 for that guy too, and it's brand new in the box.

I think I have some more stuff for sale, but I need to look around the garage tomorrow, PM me for questions, pics to come. if you buy everything i'll give it to you for 400, and all you need to add is a cheap DVD player to have a full A/V system in your X!!!
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