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I just had my heat pump (heat & AC) unit go out last week! Need to make some money for the repair. I have a very nice mint condition Samsung Series 7 Chronos Notebook 700Z 15.6" laptop for sale. This was purchased for my wife brand new for about 1299.00 I am an IT Analyst and have computers to use at my disposal from work. When we bought this I didn't know I would have computers to use all the time. We have literally used this thing maybe 5-6 times with about 4 hours of use on it. It has Windows 7 Ultimate, Office 2010, Adobe CS6, Nero14, Acronis 2014, and some other things I cant think of. I'm sure I have the box and everything to go with it, just have to look. I can also restore it to factory settings if you like (Win 7 Home Prem. etc) This isn't some 299.00 Toshiba Satellite

Some specs: Aluminum body, i7 Processor, 8GB RAM, Nvidia graphics card, 1TB Hard drive (or possibly willing to trade out for 256GB SSD).

Asking $850.00 but will listen to offers.

More about the laptop-->
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