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Ended up being out of country several weeks and couldn't update post. Wife sold some items. Updates below. Thanks!

AUSTIN, TX (Central Austin, Downtown)

These are off a 2007 Xterra OR with about 40,000 miles. Any painted pieces are "Night Armor". Pictures are available on request or I'll post them soon.

FYI - I prefer local pickup as I need to get rid of most of this in 5 days. It is also on craigslist to move quickly.

Still have This:
$75 Full set of Stock Skid Plates from the Off Road Model. Radiator Skid VERY Bent. Rest in good shape.

$50 Front Cross Member from Front Bumper
$75 Front Bumper. There are scratches from Brush/Trees while off roading. No dents. Scratches limited to sides.
$100 I will sell cross member and bumper together for $100.

$80 Rear Bumper - Bottom of Bumper scratched from rubbing while off roading. Rest is Clean in great Shape.
$?? Stock Front Shocks

SOLD $140 for OEM Tow Hitch, NEW Towing Relays, and Wiring Harnesses (Old Plug)
SOLD $100 Stock Tow Hitch (Great Condition)
SOLD $60 Full Set of Towing Relays and Wiring Harness (New in Bag, except the "plug" piece. I swapped out an old one)

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