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Hey all, recently purchased a 2013 Ninja 650r from a dealer. It had dropped a valve while the previous owner was riding it. I simply bought it for the frame and will put a new motor in it. BUT, there are a TON of take off parts that I do not need/want. I was told bike had around 40k, so none of these parts are in new awesome condition. Most of it is used, mild scuffs & blemishes here and there. I'd rather sell stuff cheap then it just sitting in my shop. If you are after something that is not listed shoot me a PM and I'll see what I can find. I am in Phoenix, AZ. I am fine with shipping at your cost or local pick up. Shoot me a PM for what ever. Use pictures for best description. Also open to offers and will be posted on the local craigslist and on So here we go!

Use the postimage link below to see pictures. If you are having difficulties seeing it let me know and I'll send over pics directly. Thanks

Stator cover with stator: $100
Speedometer (dealer told me bike had around 40k on it): $100
Rider seat: $40
Passenger seat: $25
LH front fairing assembly: $100
RH front fairing assembly: $100
Mirrors: $10/per
Front forks (will need seals): $300
Front wheel: $200
Front brake assembly: $150
Front headlight assembly: $200------SOLD
Front fender: $25
Painted windscreen: $25
Tail light: $30
Handlebars: $25
Valve cover: $50
LH/RH Frame covers (painted): $50
Rear frame covers: $40
Transmission gears: $100
Crankshaft: $150
Cylinder Head (has damage): $150
Inner windscreen fairing: $15
Cut off subframe: $50
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