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got it on ebay for cheap. picked it up in simi valley and used it a couple of times for my airsoft stuff.
this can be used to make spacers some rods of some sort (spindles???), etc.
Selling for $350
no more markings or serial numer or labels.
distance between centers: 21-30"
Highest spindle speed: less than 1500rpm
needs 8 pitch threaded rod for carriage but i have added a compound slide for X and Y direction. no need for carriage.
includes: tailstock, 6" 3-jaw chuck, gears for threading (needs custom carriage), and 30+ lathe bits (high quality)
pictures below (links)

let me know people. thanks.


btw, i prefer local pickups because this thing is freaking heavy. im in 91792.

aim: b15nissan
email: [email protected]
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