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I have roof rails and cross bars ( no storage basket) , stock S wheels, cheap stock radiator skid, front bumper ( metal bumper, no fascia), stock muffler (from cats back).

Most stuff I would give for free if you grabbed it. Not free stuff will be very cheap.

I'm located in Indianapolis, parts are on south west side of indy at my parents. ( I'm sick of getting yelled for taking up space).

So I don't get yelled at


Roof rails and cross bars ($100 )
4 stock S wheels ( $120 )
Radiator skid( two 40 oz. beers, no malt liquor)
Front bumper ( $50 bucks )
Muffler ( a bottle of decent whiskey, 25-40 dollar range)

If it doesn't go , this stuff is going to a scrap yard soon. So make an offer. I prefer not to ship, and if I meet you, would hope what you pay me at least pays for my gas.

Will post up pictures later, I can't seem to be able to do it from my phone.
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