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FS: Kenwood Kna dv3100 Nav

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i got this unit about 2 1/2 years ago. took it out of my explorer when i traded it in and decided not to mess with the vehicle speed sensor on the x. It comes with everything you need but the tv. it can connect to other tv indash units but you won't get the touch screen features and you have to purchase a remote to control it. only the parking brake switch wire was cut in order to splice it together with the ground wire to bypass the safety feature. the rest of the wires are still intact as if it came from the factory. I am asking $300 but willing to take other offers. located in los angeles, ca. email me if interested @ [email protected].

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bump.... :bounce: here is a site where i have some pics.
FYI the speed sensor is easy to find...behind the instrument cluster...PM me if you decide to keep it and want instructions on hooking it up.
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