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With 7" filter, bigger than the tiny cone filter they come with!!

I have pics somewhere... will post this weekend when I take new ones along with the sliders that are posted on another thread...

I can probably ship these if I can find a box for the piping... $200 ???? plus shipping ..... i dunno what they go for new, so give me money and lets call it a deal :bounce:

I'm anxious people! I have crap everywhere I need to sell! Not just off my X either... even a retired street car that raced in the S/M class (car 1506)... and parts from my Jeep, S10 and Honda Civic! haha... anybody need intercooler piping and couplings??? a blow off valve?? downpipe?? straight pipe??

I am getting out of the car scene for a while, forced to sell my collection of crap as I have a child on the way... so my toys are being put on hold for who knows how long... SO BUY MY CRAP AND MAKE IT YOUR CRAP TOO!! :cheers:

please email me as i rarely log on here
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