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All prices OBO, I'll get quotes for actual shipping costs.

$25 - Factory UCA's. I just swapped in some SPC's so I don't need these anymore. ~43,000 miles/70,000k on these.

$100 - Full RF system pulled from my 2011 X. Includes all speakers, sub, radio with 6 cd changer, amp and bluetooth module. One of the tweeters has a small tear.

I had swapped the factory sub for a kicker comp vr but I'm going to put the factory sub back in the enclosure. I ended up having to cut the factory wires on the enclosure to get the factory sub out but it can be reconnected with some quick soldering.

$ -Free Factory nerf bars in grey. Prefer not to ship these, but I'm located in Calgary if anybody wants to grab them.

$150 -2x 8" Kicker CompRT 2 Ohm DVC subs in a 0.676 ft3 sealed enclosure built out of 5/8" MDF. Currently wired in series for a 2Ohm load. Somehow one of the subs got a small nick on the surround but it has been repaired with cyanoacrylic glue.

SOLD - Polk Audio DB651S 6.5" Component Set - Brand new in box
SOLD -Factory front floor mats in graphite. These were taken out when I bought the X and replaced with weathertecs so they're pretty much brand new.
SOLD - Alpine MRX-V70 5 channel amp.

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