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I recently (1 Sept 13) completed my Titan Swap and put in TJM Extended Travel Medium Duty Coilovers and they are not the best choice for my Titan Swap. I removed the sway bar for my Titan Swap and I don’t think the TJMs are stiff enough for my swap. Currently feels like a boat. They flex very nicely, ride great and give 2" of lift. Anyways the coils have not seen any off-road action and have less than 100miles on them (4 Sept 13). I think they would go great on a stock Xterra without an aftermarket bumper.

As they are essential brand new I would to get $450 for them ($510 assembled from Nisstec), or trade for TJM HD Coils.

Available for pick up in Colorado Springs.

Not sure the cost of shipping, but I still have the box they shipped in.
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