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Just a feeler... I might go another route to save some weight, and just to do something different. I'd be making a homemade tube bumper, basically a spin off of a "prerunner" bumper.

Kinda up in the air as of now, but if there's enough interest I'd love to be able to say that the bumper was mine and not from a company in Texas.

It's the Shrockworks bumper without the top tubing, it has a very lightly textured satin powerdercoat and the skid has been rattle canned on top of the powdercoat.

I'd like to get $800 for the bumper and the skid. It's in really good shape, and only been on the truck for the summer pretty much. Other than Moab and a few trips to the dunes, it's been wheeled 3 times here locally in OR which hasn't been anything crazy. I'd be open to offers also.

Shipping would be on the buyer, of course I'd rather not ship it though. I could drive within a 5 hour radius, or halfway to meet someone if it meant I didn't have to ship it.

Feel free to ask questions, and pictures are in my build thread in my signature.

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