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I've put in an order for a GOBI, so if that goes smoothly, I will no longer have need for the set of OEM rack attachments I've made for myself. I'll go ahead and offer them for sale now, worst case scenario I can always build them again.

More photos and info can be added on request and in relation to interest. The photos I have were when the items were first installed. If you want to see more detail, don't be afraid to ask. I'll get it as soon as I'm able, but might take a day or two depending on my schedule.

Local transaction preferred, so if your within driving distance (I live west of Bowling Green, KY) PM me and if you like ask for my phone number we can talk or txt.

First is my custom rack insert.

Used condition. This is a prototype item, thus it has some rough spots and is not perfect. It may require some touching up. It is powder coated, but has some chips and scratches and some rusty places. It is not a manufactured rack.

I have used it to directly mount kayak J-bars, depending on the attachment method of the J-bars you have.

Includes all mounting hardware.

Asking $300 (Shipping not included, see shipping comments below.)

Next is custom 60" cross bars + awning adapters.

The cross bars allow for this configuration of roof top tent and awning all mounted directly to the bars:

Also used condition. I painted with several coats of Rustoleum but will likely need touching up.

They are built using the same mounting hardware as the rack insert. I did not test it but I designed them with the intent to be compatible with installation along with the insert rack, however I never needed this configuration. If you are interested in a combo, we can make sure it works first at least on my rig. They mount independently so the insert rack is not necessary.

Again this is not a manufactured item, it is a used custom item.

They are 1" square tubing. I made them specifically to mount a roof top tent and it was used for this several times this year including off road. I have also used them for kayak J-bars, and I cannot promise but assume many cross bar mounted accessories will attach. They are raised somewhat to allow access to the RTT mounting clamps. If you want to verify compatibility with your RTT you may need to measure it first and I'll try to check, but I can't promise compatibility.

All mounting hardware included. Will also include a set of custom milled awning adapters that allow a Smittybilt awning to be attached to the cross bars without any modifications. They may need to be cleaned up and painted as their powder coat didn't take well.

Asking $120 (Shipping not included, see shipping comments below.)

Shipping situation:

Local pickup strongly preferred. I'd be willing to meet you somewhere within reason. As such I'll entertain local interest first. If there is no local interest for a while, then maybe we will explore shipping. But understand these items are oversize and not going to be cost effective to ship. If you want them and don't care, I'll try to work with you on it but I can't imagine anyone wanting to take the shipping cost on these.

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Consider me interested if you decide to ship. Ironically I was just using your build thread to try and reverse engineer yours as I like it's design more than many of the others I've seen. Only problem is that I have absolutely no welding experience.

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Mini thread jack. Where did you find those mounts? i'm trying to work through mounting a canopy and those would be perfect. /mini thread jack

Otherwise, GLWS.
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