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Wife and i are moving and gotta get rid of some stuff. I swapped rims bout a year ago and have my Centerline rims sitting around in the attic so might as well try and sell 'em.

They're Centerline Sundance Series rims.... the 902 Horizon's. They're a 16x7 with 5.5 inch backspacing. They have a 6x5.5 bolt pattern so they'll fit any Hardbody and Frontier/Xterra until 2004. They will tuck pretty well and I've only ever seen one other truck (dodge dakota online) with these set of rims.

None of them have any curb rash whatsoever, no blemishes, or things from daily driving. I'd say they're a 9.5/10 condition.

There are two tiny casting flaws that I take extra pics of, but nothing greater than 1/4".

Looking to get $100 a piece for them. Shipping via FedEx is right bout $15 a wheel, but I'd be hapy at $450 shipped.

These are them...


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