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Hey guys, I've got a airbag control/diagnostic module for sale out of a 05' X.

It's in pretty great condition, all the pins are perfectly intact, no rust/dents/etc. I know these have known to be finicky at times, and it would suck to have one crap out on you and need to drop almost 300 for a brand new one! eep!

Anyway, I'm looking to get $100 shipped to the lower 48 OBO, for shipping international or Alaska/Hawaii, just shoot me a PM and we can work something out. As far as cross-compatibility for different model years, it will work for any X WITHOUT side-curtain air-bags AfAIK. If someone knows conclusively that this is incorrect, let me know! :) I'll edit it accordingly.

EDIT:: A side note, since I did some research and don't want to rip anyone off, this is out of a salvage X, and you will very likely need to reset the airbag module by attatching everything > remove negative battery terminal > wait a few minutes to let the computer reset > plug everything back in > move the key to ON and make sure the air-bag light is off. If you have any trouble with it or it ends up being a faulty part, let me know, I'll get you a refund and eat the shipping myself :)


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