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I have two things for sale: a 2011 27" iMac and a 64GB white iPad mini.

27" iMac
2.7GHz intel quad-core processor
4GB 1333MHz RAM
1TB 7200rpm HDD
128GB SSD (550/500 read/write speeds)
AMD 6770M 512mb video card

There are two hard drives installed on this computer. How I used it was: The operating system is installed on the SSD and then you can throw all of your files (movies, pictures, music) on the 1TB hard drive.

I am asking $1200 for it.

iPad mini 64GB white
Brand new in the box iPad mini - plain and simple

Originally $529, but I am asking $410 SHIPPED!

If someone wants the power of the iMac AND the portability of the iPad mini, I will do both for $1500 + shipping.
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