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Hey guys, I am doing a write up for the sell of my X. I always poke around on this website and really like all the mods and Ideas that people come up with.

Unfortunately, My life has changed a bit and I have twice the financial obligation. I can't afford my 400.00 Car payment anymore.

In the next few days I am detailing my car and taking some good pictures for the sale, I figured I would put this up here, because the sooner the better.

I am asking 16,000 OBO. The car is in excellent condition( Has NEVER see off-road, I was scared because it's a 2wd.) and has a few mods.... I put in a custom grill, I painted the plastics black. and I put Led's in the interior.

Please call or text me, to make it easy for me to answer any questions you may have.

Mileage is 73,500

Thank you!

[email protected]
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