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For sale from my 2007 Xterra Off Road:

Reason for sale - installed a plate bumper, no longer needed.

1. Front bumper cover with license plate mount. One of the fog light tabs is broken, you can still mount a light to it OK though. There are 4 holes drilled in it across the top where some small lights were mounted. - $100
2. Front bumper cross member (the metal part that is the actual "bumper". No hardware. $50
3. Front bumper upper support bracket (the long one for the top of bumper cover). Has 4 holes drilled in it for mounting lights. - $25
4. Front bumper main clip brackets (where the clips on the sides near the headlights clip in). -$15
5. Grey (paint code K26) drivers side front fender. Two shallow but large dents on it from shipping. It's an aftermarket fender. I ordered it online from a wrecker but it was supposed to be OEM and dented in shipping so I never installed it. I think the dents could be fixed easy enough, it's otherwise straight and would make a great fender to install a snorkel with or perhaps its better than your smashed up fender. - $125
6. OEM front tow hook - $15

Will post some pictures later this week as time allows. No rust on anything. Local pickup in greater Socal Area/ Corona only, not interested in shipping large items at this time. Thanks for looking!

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