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front shock suggestions

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so i just ordered the package and now im curious to know what kind of shocks would best suit this in the front? any suggestions from people with a lifted front?
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You only really have three options (well, maybe 4).

1. The OEM non-Bilsteins
2. The OEM Bilsteins
3. The Rancho's (AC has them on their page)
4. OME (ARB) sells a shock that fits (do a quick search)

I am running the OEM Bilsteins.
You could also runn AC shocks
$650 for the shocks and you still need to buy a spanner wrench
or you could go Radflo. They are $700 but are tunned for
the X.
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wow, i honestly cant understand spending ANOTHER $650 for a pair of shocks! i guess what im really asking is, do i need longer front shocks since the front is getting lifted. "Amount of front lift will be limited depending on which coil over shock you are using." does that mean with the factory shock im getting factory ride height?
if i had the choose i would run the
ARB Old Man Emu shocks (model N183S)
w/AC coils
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With stock front shocks you'll get 2.5 to 2.75 inches of lift in front. The ride will be bouncy and bumps will be harsh. I just installed a similiar kit on my 05 SE, except with AAL in the rear and bilstein shocks. I didn't even do the brakeline or the bilstein shocks yet, 95% of my driving is on road, the installer said the stock brakeline still have enough flex for on road and very light offroad (gravel and groomed fireroads) driving. I am hoping the springs will soften up a bit with use, because the ride right now is just a bit harsher than I would like.

The ride doesn't soften up much.

If you are still running the stock shocks, you will be find with the stock brake lines, but watch if you chance the shocks and not the lines as the first time you hit a rut and flex the rear a bit you will pull the line right out.
if i had the choose i would run the ARB Old Man Emu shocks (model N183S) w/AC coils
I just got back from 3+ days in Moab and was very happy with this combo. I put them on and drove paved roads for a week or so before adding a Shrockworks bumper and heading to Moab. They have a real nice ride on-road with both the stock and Shrock bumpers. Off-road was limited due to snow on all the trails but for what I could do they felt great. No bouncing, not too stiff, not too soft.
I'd agree. Go with the Old Man Emu and AC coils.

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