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How many of you have had your front differential break while you were offroading?

Front Differential Break?

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I have owned my 06 Xterra 4x4 X model for just about a year now and have never taken it off road. Well I am planning to soon but then I read all this info about guys who have had their front differential break on them. So I just want to take a poll to see about how many people this has happened to.

Also, if you have a chance to respond with your vote, I would love to know what size tires you were running at the time.

Thanks peeps!
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Been offroading, many times, stock tires, no problems.
I have been off roading a couple of times. One time I really thrashed her. No problems yet. *Crossing Fingers*

Oh yeah, I have 285/75/16 all terrains. So no problems from the larger tires.
its one of those things...there are alot out there that have never had a problem, but you only hear about the ones that do.

like, there were those two diffs that actually cracked a year or so ago, and then nothing. most of the other diffs can be attributed to wheelspin or other things.

saying that, i believe the front diff was under engineered for the be careful, but don't worry to much or you'll not enjoy the truck.
Lost my front diff last May (I think it was).

Running 285/75R16 BFG MT's.

I wheel it a lot and I wheel it hard and have not had a problem since, but I am more carefull about things now.
I have been in everything from mud to rocks to small lakes. I enjoy wheelin' hard and no problems with the front diff. I did have my rear axle replaced, H2O had found its way in before I did the breather mod. Also Transfer case is being replaced on Tues. 34,000 miles and I am running 285/75 Pro Comps A/T for the last 7,000 miles..
a friend has a Frontier and he smacked his front diff and then it cracked....
I know a guy who has a 06 fronty, and has broke his front diff twice. I was there when he did the second time. He wasnt doing anything out of the ordnary when wheeling it. (its not like he was hopping into and over rocks doing 30 mph). Dont know if hes just got a lemon or what? :scratch:
killed one front diffs already :naka: i off road hard. That was when i first started off roading now i havent broke any thing =)

No diff issues yet at 60K+ miles. My '06 gets driven hard, wheeled hard, and even jumped on occasion. I do tend to not romp the gas pedal when in 4High or 4Lo to avoid excess pressure on the spider avoid high torque when turning, try to avoid spinning the wheels.
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