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front diff skid plate mounting

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Well after inspection of my skid plates this weekend I noticed that one of the bolts holding on the front diff skid plate was loose. It appears that the welded bolt inside the X member broke.

Any ideas on how to get to this bolt?
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What bolt are you talking about?
Mine broke too.

Just tap it and use an 8 grade bolt. Actually, also tap the other middle one or it will break as well.

If you want, when I get home I can tell you what size I tapped mines.
I used a 5/16" - 18 tap. Get the right drill for it.
kokopop said:
Offroad said:
I used a 5/16" - 18 tap. Get the right drill for it.
What do you mean right drill? I have a 1/2" Dewalt 18V cordless and can also double as a hammer drill.
Sorry, I meant the right bit size. :geek:
kokopop said:
The nut broke free. I have no idea what offroad tapped into. I haven't looked. I was just thinking of trying to fish the nut out and weld a wire to the end of it.
Are you sure the nut broke free? What happened to me is that the screw BP provided was a little smaller than the nut and it pulled the thread out. The screw was not broken and was free, not because the nut was free (although it felt like it was free) but because it had no thread.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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