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front diff skid plate mounting

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Well after inspection of my skid plates this weekend I noticed that one of the bolts holding on the front diff skid plate was loose. It appears that the welded bolt inside the X member broke.

Any ideas on how to get to this bolt?
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The BP skids uses the 4 factory skid mounting bolts on the sway bar X-member. One of the 13MM bolts in the X-member must have broken off and I cannot tighten the nut and bolt that holds the skid in place.

In this pict I refer to 1 of the 2 middle ones.

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Great thanks.
Offroad said:
I used a 5/16" - 18 tap. Get the right drill for it.
What do you mean right drill? I have a 1/2" Dewalt 18V cordless and can also double as a hammer drill.
The nut broke free. I have no idea what offroad tapped into. I haven't looked. I was just thinking of trying to fish the nut out and weld a wire to the end of it.
Thanks for the advice.
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