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Freedom Retrofits new Xterra Headlight lineup - Aug 2021

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These new headlights made by Freedom Retrofits are making their debut. You can view them here on their Instagram page.

They teamed up with a Canadian X owner (Instagram: @darren_explores) to develop a new set of headlights.

Darrens page and his bad-to-the-bone X:

And the post from Freedom Retrofits Instagram page:

In the comments the company mentions that base price for the headlights are $650. With an optional led lightbar integrated into the headlight the price is 800$ plus tax.

Kind of pricey but may be worth it. What do y'all think? Might be one of the first legit aftermarket companies to make a reliable, durable, and quality retrofitted headlight.


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Too rich for this old man.
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