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Got a few parts laying around from when I sold the truck.
Not trying to make any cash, just feel bad about throwing this stuff in the trash.
Hopefully someone can use of some of this stuff.

-OEM roof air-dam (without lights)
Little faded, but no cracks or scratches outside of normal wear/tear.

- OEM Front tow hook
Has a little bit of surface rust. Nothing serious.

Claimed @maytawn - 06-12 rear headrests. These things are awesome if you have the gigantic stock ones.
Lets you put the seats down really easily and makes it easier to see out the back window through the rear-view mirror.
Great condition

Claimed @Mr. Bills -Xoskel Low-Pro light bar
Probably could use a re-paint...

All items are Free/'Make a donation' priced unless it's being shipped.
Prefer local pickup (Sacramento area).
Make an honest offer for shipping cost or swing by and pick it all up.

Photo below is what I had to remind myself of what I have. Can totally take better/detailed photos upon request.
Headrests are in the red bag to prevent them from getting dirty. Fuse Mount is still in the package I received it in.

I don't come on this site very often, so PM me so I get the email notification.
Otherwise you might be waiting a few days...


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I'll take the air dam. Cost for shipping to San Jose, 95123? Or let me see if my bro in Elk Grove can somehow meet up with you to grab the part. He works at Nissan in Sacramento. Thanks!

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Hope I'm not too late ... sent you a PM regarding exchange for Mr. Bills.
Thanks @XKNUT (Dan) for offering to pick up the light bar for me. Would one of you guys let me know if things work out? If they don't I'll plan a trip to Sacramento to pick it up myself.
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