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I know its a late post for this event... but one of the Hump N Bumps major sponsors is hosting a registration drive/meet & greet

Saturday Oct.13,2007 10am-2pm Ted Wiens Custom 4x4
1701 Las Vegas blvd. @ Oakey

{Free} BBQ lunch, burgers,dogs, and soda

{free} RTI ramp your rig, see how flexie it is.

{free} We'll put your rig on a rack in the air, so you can look for leaks, loose bolts, or bent and broke stuff.

Hump and Bump registration trailer will be taking sign-ups for the trail rides in Logandale November 2-3

Come out to meet other clubs and talk about trails.

A run will follow the days event so you will need to SEE Edwin.

for a description on the Hump n Bump... check out the link
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