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Intro Comments: A few weeks ago I traded the 2005 Black Xterra S 4x4 that I've had since Christmas 2005 (and my wife's 2003 Camry) towards a new 2014 Silver Xterra Pro-4X.

Username: FrankB

Make: Nissan
Year: 2014
Model: Xterra
Trim: Pro-4X
Color: Brilliant Silver

Enhancements Comments: Not many just yet, and for now at least I plan to keep this one a lot closer to stock than the old one. Unlike the 2005, this will be a daily driver as well as a road trip and desert exploration truck.


So far this is all I've done:
- WeatherTech vent shades, front windows only.
- Replaced center and rear interior dome lamps with red LED bulbs.
- Installed the Raingler large interior ceiling net and cargo area net from the old X.
- New Nissan all weather rubber floor mats.
- Shrockworks sliders (gray powdercoat) on order.

Future Mods:
I'll get a portable CB with probably a magnet mount antenna, and as soon as I can be sure I've got a set of the now-discontinued Yakima mounts needed, a BasketCase roof basket that will be easier to take on and off compared to the old LoadWarrior I had before.


Here's a shot I got of it in the mountains of eastern San Diego County the other night, when 3 of us went out to photograph the Milky Way.

Summary Comments: Just under 1,000 miles on it as I type this, but so far I really like it. Handling on winding mountain roads carrying 3 guys and a bunch of gear is better than I expected, and I'm really liking the stereo. No hood squeak yet either, and it fills up at the gas station without a fight - nice. It should cool off enough here in a couple of weeks to head into the desert to test the 4WD. All that said, I do kind of miss the PRG lift and BFG A/T tires I had on the old one.

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Congrats Frank...and thanks for the nice PM over on SCCX.

I rec'd the email as well, and yes that is still a good soon.

Don't listen to the Rhino Liner guy, because you also have to have 35" tires to compliment that mod. ;)
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