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Front diff upper, MT upper and lower, and TC upper are all the same plug. On the end is a nice little depression that would be perfect for a magnet.
Well, I found some that work great! Samarium cobalt- very high temp and corrosion resistance, very strong, and very resistant to demagnitization. Unfortunately, very expensive too. I got them from Part# 26011. .5"x.187" in size.
The drain plug on the the front diff and TC already have a magnet installed from the factory, although they aren't very strong. Same thread as all the rest so I'll probably get a coulple of the standard plugs and install the samarium cobalt magnets.
The drain plug on the Danna 44 diff also has a little ferrous magnet glued in place which I hammered out with a punch. New magnet fits perfectly there too.
BTW Rear end fluid was LOADED with metal particles (2245 miles) which is to be expected during break in. I also switched over to Amsoil Severe Gear and noticed an improvement in noise reduction.


sorry for the gigantic pic, but here you see the rear diff drain plug. already magnetized. same goes for front diff.

this was at around 6500 mi on the X. the rear (pictured) was quite a bit worse than the front. but both had lots of metal shavings attached.
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